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clawfoot tubIf you love the vintage look for your bathroom, then consider an antique clawfoot tub built for today’s modern plumbing. Choose from dual, rolltop and slipper models that are contoured for lumbar support. Clawfool tub styles range from simple ball and clawfoot models to opulent styles that make a statement all their own. Clawfoot tubs are produced in a variety of styles and foot finish options and introduce charm to a cottage style bathroom.

Material Acrylic
Acrylic tubs are crafted from high-quality cast acrylic with a bonded construction which provides a high-gloss shine inside and out. Acrylic clawfoot tubs maintain the look and integrity of a traditional cast iron tub but are lighter, warmer and smoother, and will not rust or crack over time. The non-porous interior surface will not stain, discolor, or retain any odors. It also cleans easily with a warm, soapy cloth – use no harsh abrasives which may damage the tub finish.

Cast Iron: Cast Iron clawfoot tubs are made from quality vitreous porcelain-over-cast-iron. They are finished inside and outside, ready to mount on their appropriate feet. Cast iron has superior natural heat retention that helps to keep your bath water warm for longer bathing periods.
Clawfoot Tub

Selecting a Style: There are many variations of the clawfoot tub, such as, traditional roll top, slipper, dual (or double ended), and pedestal. Dual clawfoot tubs have each side rounded for your choice of bathing positions. These bath tubs have a center drain configuration and side-mounting faucet.

Slipper Clawfoot TubRolltop or roll rim clawfoot tubs are the most common and familiar clawfoot tub featuring a curved roll rim all around. The designs are based on the original cast iron tubs which were made by the millions between 1890 and 1940. The typical vintage roll rim bathtub measures 5' long – just big enough to fit into the standard post-World War I American bathroom. We offer our new tubs in a variety of lengths to fit all sizes of people and spaces.

Slipper Tubs are distinguished by their high-back construction which provides a more comfortable seating position. If you prefer to lounge in the tub with a place to rest your head, the slipper clawfoot tub gives you all the support you’ll need. When installing a slipper style clawfoot tub, please keep in mind that one end is higher than the other on the single high-back style. They are also available in double-ended styles for your choice of bathing positions.

Installation Considerations:

clawfoot tubThe most important tool to use when installing a clawfoot tub is a licensed plumber. Most manufacturers will not accept warranty claims on items not installed by a licensed plumber. Author: A wide selecton of clawfoot tubs and bathroom faucets can be found at Call and speak with one of our product specialists to help you select the right fixtures to complete your dream vintage bath.


Vintage Bath Design Ideas

Bathroom SinkLove the Vintage Look? Find help to create the design with a vintage bath makeover. The vintage bath design of the early 1900s has never been more popular. Consider a clawfoot tub for today’s vintage bath. Compare the luxurious bathroom fixtures of the 1900s with today’s to recreate a vintage bathroom design. With interior design software, every armchair architect can create anything from a simple floor plan to straightforward blueprint style diagrams to multidimensional computer models—quick and easy. Take your bathroom design to the next level with free 3D bathroom design software. While there are plenty of options available on the market, they can be quite expensive and if you are only designing a small bathroom design, you might not be able to justify the cost. However, there are several free design software download options available which may be more than enough if you are only a DIY remodeler.


Use Online Bath Design

Explore your bathroom in a three-dimensional environment and use online bath design tools to create a virtual design from your own floor plan. With online bath design you can visualize how to remodel your old bathroom and create the perfect spa for today's busy lifestyle. Change floor plans, colors, add fixtures or paint the walls. There are many themes to choose from, including the lastest vintage bath styles. Just let your imagination be your guide.


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