Victorian Outdoor Playhouse Plan

Victorian playhouse

This children's Victorian outdoor playhouse was illustrated in an 1893 ladies' magazine. Estimated building costs was $100.  It measured 14 feet in length and 10 feet wide, with an 8 foot ceiling. The height of the playhouse was 13 feet.  


Victorian playhouse floor plans

Outdoor Victorian Playhouse Plan


This is a simple plan. When complete as shown it makes an ideal Victorian playhouse for children. The manner of construction is similar to any full-size house with the exception that it is not plastered or lined in any way, the studs and rafters being exposed. With window and outdoor frames, the door and window sash can be purchased pre-made.

The location for the playhouse should be level; and stone or brick piers should be built up a short distance for keeping the sills from the ground. The porch is a mere extension of the floor within. Both are built up in one piece. The playhouse roof extends over the same as the floor.