Antique Dolls & Doll Clothes Featured in Harper's Bazaar, 1872

Antique Dolls

Dressed Dolls

Dolls' outfits are a feature in the toy shops this season, and little girls begin to be fastidious about the fit of dolly's shoes and slippers, and the graceful sweep of her train. Every article of wearing apparel is to be found ready for use. There are kid slippers, and buttoned boots with curved heels and dainty stitching, sold for 80 cents a pair; little parasols of silk, with fringed edge and a white handle, in imitation of ivory, for $1.75;  long English stockings to garter above the knee; hoop skirts with ample tournures; Scotch plaid shawls, and Cashmere squares with borders imitating India designs; corsets, with bones and laces, embroidered in dainty fashion; sets of ermine fur, toilette articles, and ready-made suits of every fabric from buff linen to fine silks. The dolls, too, represent all ages and sizes, from the infant in long clothes to old ladies in caps and spectacles.



Height of Doll without Head 21 inches.

Height of Doll without Head 21 inches.

The baby dolls have long robes of white muslin or spotted lawn, lace caps, and merino cloaks with double capes; one of these appears in the arms of a French nurse, arrayed in white cap, folded neckerchief, and apron. They cost from 40 cents to $5.  Next are wax dolls with arch, expressive faces, much natural hair fashionably arranged, wax hands with tapering fingers, and wax  limbs that sit or stand. These are $4 or $5, but cost when dressed from $20 to $35.  For $20 is a wax blonde, with puffs and braids of light hair, tastefully dressed in a street suit of plum-colored Irish poplin, made with a Marguerite polonaise and flounced skirt. Dainty laces and pale blue necktie complete the attire. Another for $25 is in trained evening dress of pink silk, with over-skirt of white tulle, ruched and draped with rose-buds. Most attractive of all is a bride with long white silk dress, illusion veil, orange flowers, pearl jewelry, and bonny brown hair rolled hack in Pompadour style. This is $35. A bride-maid standing near is in a low-necked dress of white tarlatan, all ruched and puffed in the prevailing fashion, and draped with flowers; while another beauty wears pale blue silk, with an over dress of white muslin.

For information received thanks are due, for dresses, to Mesdames Dieden; and Virfolet; and Messrs. A.T. Stewart & Co.; Arnold Constable & Co.; and Lord & Taylor; and for confectionery, etc., to A. Iauch. 

Height of Doll without Head 21 inches.
Height of Doll without Head 17-3/4 inches.
Captions for Top Illustration:

Fig. 1 - Antique Doll Clothes - Visiting Dress:
Blue silk dress, with long train and double skirt. The under-skirt is trimmed with a ruffle , and the over-skirt with fringe. Black velvet paletot, trimmed with lace. White silk parasol.  Velvet bonnet with roses, and a long gauze veil looped about the neck.

Fig. 2 - Antique Doll Clothes - Peasant Costume:
Petticoat of red and black flannel, red cashmere skirt, black velvet peasant waist, white linen blouse and apron.  The latter is furnished with a bodice and pockets, and is trimmed with black velvet ribbon. Cap of white cambric. 

Fig. 3 - Doll Clothes - for Girl From 5 to 7 Years Old:
The skirt and blouse-waist of this suit are of light gray poplin; the skirt is trimmed with bias strips of gray and maroon plaid poplin; the over-skirt and peasant waist are of maroon poplin, trimmed with velvet ribbon of the same color. Maroon velvet ribbon in the hair.

Fig. 4 - Antique Doll Clothes - Suit:
White cambric dress, trimmed with tucks, insertion, and needle-work strips.

Fig. 5 - Antique Doll Clothes - Suit:
Gray ladies' cloth dress and jacket. Velvet béret, trimmed with feathers.

Fig. 6 - Antique Doll Clothes - House Dress:
Striped red and black poplin under-dress, trimmed on the bottom with two gathered ruffles. Over-skirt and basque-waist of black silk, trimmed with side-pleated ruffles of the same.

Fig. 7 - Suit For Girl From 7 to 9 Years Old:
The suit is made of pink alpaca, and trimmed with side-pleated ruffles of the same. Belt with sash, and bow for the hair of pink grosgrain ribbon.