Victorian Children Clothing



Victorian Children

Victorian Children Clothing

Boy's 1860s Fashions
The 1860s offered a variety of outfits designed for the growing boy. Each style had its purpose and a specific age requirement.

Dressing the Victorian Girl in the 1890s
Fashionable dresses for the girl of the 1890s.

The Sailor Theme in Boy's Fashions of the 1890s
Several sailor suits for young boys in the Victorian era.

Victorian Boys Clothing
Victorian boys wore short pants three-piece suits.

Children's Fancy Dress Costumes
Featuring elaborate fancy dress or masquerade party costumes for children.

Good Taste and Bad Taste in Dressing Children
How to dress your child.

Victorian Children

Keeping Warm in Style
At the end of the 19th century, cloth jackets with double or triple shoulder capes were in great favor with girls from ten to fourteen years of age.

Victorian Ring Bearer
No fashionable Victorian bridal party was complete without small boys as pages.

Girl's Edwardian Hats
Edwardian hats and bonnets for young girls from 1903.

Paper Costumes - Costumes for Kids
Make fun easy costumes for parties, plays, or dress-up.

Victorian Etiquette - Births and Christenings
The mother, even though quite young, would not dress entirely in white at the christening of her child.