Victorian Corsets & Under-Clothing

Although the Victorian corset was in fashion for some years, it is now looked upon by the majority of women as a needless overindulgence. Throughout the 19th century, the corset carefully restricted and re-shaped the figure by tight seams, fabric, bone, metal and laces. According to period, the closing of the corset was made at the front or back and the length was short or elongated above the hips. Such various features changed as the style of women’s garments were reinvented according to the fashion of the day.


Brightly Colored Victorian Corset
The corset was featured in a variety of colors, including white, black, charcoal gray, and even red.

Victorian Corset Brooch
Scandalously extravagant piece of Victorian jewelry.

Corset Pictures
Victorian Corsets in advertisements show the latest in fashion in the 1900s.

Lord and Taylor Corsets
1880s corsets are featured in a Lord & Taylor catalog.


How to Properly Lace a Corset
A Victorian magazine describes how to properly lace a corset.

Corsets and Tight Lacing
Is the red nose from the corset or liquor?

Buy an Antique or Vintage Corset
Scan through available corsets for sale.


I See London, I See France…
More than 200 years of delicate, luxurious, and immaculately crafted lingerie is exposed.

Naughty But Nice
The Victorian lady is undressed in photographs.

Where Have All the Corsets Gone?
When collecting original garments as opposed to reproductions, try to find a real Victorian or Edwardian corset ... Just try!

Queen Victoria's Underwear
Photos and information about the Queen's unmentionables.


Victorian Under-Clothing

Victorian DressDressing the Victorian Lady
Step by step dressing of the Victorian lady, starting with her undergarments.

The Crinoline
Illustrated history of the crinoline or hoop skirt.

How to Wear a Hoop Skirt
Directions on the wearing and cleaning of the Victorian hoop skirt.


Queen Victoria’s 52in bloomers sell for £6,200
The queen’s undergarments have long been considered the crowning glory for Victorian collectors around the world.

Pretty in the Morning – Victorian Robes
Victorian robes of silk and lace decorated with embroidery, buttons and tassels.

Victorian Bustles
Hidden secret behind the 1880s silhouette.

Morning Robes
Elegant morning robes of fine white cambric, silk, embroidered fabrics, and more.

Victorian Robe
A luxurious silk morning Victorian robe from the mid-1870s is the quality that would be worn by an affluent Victorian lady of leisure.

red and black victorian corsetDressing Gowns or Robes de Chambre
The Victorian dressing gown or robe de chambre was intended for bedroom or dressing-room wear only. These robes were made loose, and often confined to the waist by a cord. Several styles of Victorian robes are featured.

Dressing the Victorian Lady from the 1850's
Step by step description of clothing worn by the Victorian lady from the 1850s, starting with her undergarments to her Victorian dress.

Queen’s Unmentionables Up for Sale
A pair of Queen Victoria’s stockings was part of a fine antiques sale at Lyon and Turnbull in Edinburgh. Collecting Victorian royal memorabilia has been an enthusiastic pursuit of collectors for over a hundred years, but why the enthusiam for collecting Victoria’s undergarments?

Victorian Corset Directory
Your resource for the Victorian corset.

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