1900s Fashions & Edwardian Clothing




Edwardian Clothing Edwardian Fashion - Summer Dresses
The Ladies Home Journal illustrations for vintage dresses for the summer of 1907.

Gazette du Bon Ton Evening Gowns
Gazette du Bon Ton
illustrates trend setting Edwardian fashion in evening wear for the Paris elite.

Vintage Auto Clothing
Early automobiles whirled through towns and countryside, shouting out "if you want to see the latest thing out, look at me, and look at my passengers."

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Corset Advertisements from 1900-1914
Vintage corset advertisements show the latest in fashion in the 1900s.

Edwardian Summer Dresses
Featuring an assortment of Edwardian Edwardian shirt-waists and vintage skirts from 1903.

Titanic Era Tailored Suits
A collection of Titanic Era dressy tailored suits. 

Erté Haute Couture

Erté Haute Couture – 15 Stunning Designs
Pictures from the leading designer in early 20th century fashion.

Gazette du Bon Ton at the Races
The French magazine Gazette du Bon Ton shows the latest Edwardian vintage clothing for the races.

Edwardian Clothing - Winter Hats- 1903
Women's Edwardian hats for the winter of 1903.

History of the Fashionable Bathing Suit
It was in the early 1800s that people began to flock to the beaches for seaside amusement.

Edwardian hatsEdwardian Clothing - Make Spring Hats  
Create the perfect vintage spring hat for your period dress. Provided are directions and images from an 1899 magazine.

Sports Clothing 1860-1910
See what women wore for sports over 100 years ago from museums around the world.

Auctioning a Queen's Wardrobe: "Royal Robes and State Gowns of H.M. Queen Alexandra"
Auction catalog with descriptions of Queen Alexandra and Prince Edward's royal garments.

Women's Golf Clothing
Women enjoyed the game of golf and had a variety of fashions to wear on the course.

In Antique Clothing, Black is Beautiful
Black clothing was not only for funerals in the Victorian era.

Naughty but Nice!  The Victorian Lady Undressed in Stereoscopic Views 
See the Victorian lady undressed in antique photographs.

Edwardian Wedding Dress
An elegant Edwardian era wedding gown features machine embroidered lace of an all over floral pattern.

Wedding Photographs, c.1900-1920
"Smile! ... see wedding photographs of early 20th century brides and grooms from The Library of Congress.

Edwardian Clothing - Children's Hats
Edwardian hats and bonnets for young girls from 1903.

Play, School & Party Frocks 1915-20
Both practical and pretty, girls' dresses from 1915-1920 came in a variety of fabrics, bright colors, and styles that were designed to be more suitable for playing.

Edwardian Children's Shoes
An assortment of fashionable children’s shoes from the early 1900s feature the popular styles of the Edwardian period.

Good Taste & Bad Taste in Dressing Children
A guide to dressing the Edwardian child of 1907.

Storing Antique Clothing
How to care for your antique and vintage textiles.




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