Victorian Hats



Victorian Hat

Rare Antique Bonnets from the 1830s
Trimmed with frills, feathers, flowers, and ribbons, wide-brimmed bonnets were a "must-have" fashion accessory for women in the 1830s.

Wings, Breasts & Birds
One of the most debated accessories used in women's fashions was the use of birds and bird feathers as a fashion ornament.

Victorian Milliner
Millinery was a respectable occupation for women.

Breakfast or Morning Caps, mid-19th C.
Victorian women often wore an informal cap indoors. This headdress was referred to as a morning, breakfast, or day cap.

Royal Box of Bonnets Up for Auction
A mahogany bonnet box believed to have belonged to Queen Victoria’s children was discovered at a home in Staffordshire England.

Victorian Hat

Civil War Era Hats
Civil War hats and bonnets from an 1864 issue of Godey's Lady's Book.

Flowers & Ribbons Top Victorian Hat, c1866-68
Ruffled silk ribbon, pink silk bows, pretty ribbon ties, and a garland of flowers ornament a 1860s woven straw bonnet.

Victorian Mourning Cap
Mid-nineteenth century cap is edged with a double black lace scalloped border and trimmed with black ribbon and a center-back black bow.

Victorian Hat

Romantic Era Bonnet
Extraordinary attention was lavished in the garnishing of this circa 1828-1832 bonnet to reflect the opulence of Romantic Era fashions.

Charming Victorian Hats
The charm of Victorian hats, with their masses of beautiful flowers, colorful ribbons, abundance of feathers, and snippets of lace is apparent in these examples of late 1890s millinery.

Victorian Hats – 1897
Here are three lavishly ornamented late Victorian hats designed in the Paris establishment of Madame Carlier.

Pattern for a Civil War Era Night-Cap
Make your own nineteenth century night cap with muslin and lace.


Victorian HatVictorian Hats - 1878
Decorated with feathers and birds, ribbons and flowers ... Victorian hats were a elegant work of art.

Victorian Sunbonnet
During the 19th century a pale fair-skinned complexion was maintained with large bonnets, hats, and parasols. Sunbonnets while gardening or strolling in the countryside preserved this look.

Fashion Print Timeline
See hand colored antique Victorian fashion prints of Victorian dresses and hats from 1850 to 1865.

Garden Hat and Hoods from Harper's Bazaar June 29, 1872
The fashionable Victorian hat for gardening, from Harper's Bazaar magazine. 

Victorian Hat

Elegant Evening Headdress
Delicate laces, long multicolored silk ribbons, and vivid flowers were used to create the perfect accessory.

Headdresses and Hairstyles: 1860 - 1865
Photos and pictures of Civil War era hairstyles and headdresses.

Victorian Hair Styles - 1867 
Fashionable hair styles in 1867.  

Make Victorian Spring Hats  
Create the perfect Spring hat for your Victorian dress. Provided are directions and images from an 1899 magazine to create a straw braid or shirred Victorian hat.

Victorian Hat

Victorian Craft: Evening or Bridal Headdress
Elaborate hairstyles ornamented with lavish headdresses, including hair jewelry, were fashionable during the Victorian era.

Millinery Creation Comes to Life
The millinery workroom is the creative laboratory where hat designs are transformed from ideas into reality. See a hat come to life.

Travel in Style: How to Dress for Travel in 1852
The proper Victorian clothing for travel in 1852.

Victorian Hat
Victorian hat for the winter of 1892.

Big Hats for Little Girls
Young girls of all ages wore similar styles mimicking their mother’s grand hats.

How to Make a Victorian Hat
Create the perfect hat for your Victorian dress. Provided are directions and images from an 1890 magazine to create a velvet Victorian hat.

Antique Fashion Prints
Hand-colored costume prints with Victorian hats are an art form for collectors.


Men's Victorian Hats

Victorian Hat

Top This... the Story of Top Hats
Men wore top hats for business, pleasure and formal occasions making its wearer feel taller, handsomer and suave.

Hats Off To The Straw Boater
It was the rage in the 19th /early 20th centuries. Men of all classes appreciated the light, cool, comfortable qualities of the straw hat.

Men's Hats from the 1870s
The proper Victorian gentleman was not seen outdoors without a hat.