1920s Fashion & Vintage Clothing

1920s Fashion & Vintage Clothing

Love the 1920s? Find fabulous 1920s dresses, hats, lingerie, swimsuits, shoes, designer gowns, flapper dress and other 1920s clothing.

1920s dresses and vintage clothing is featured in photographs, prints, and articles - everything to help dress the part of the elegant Downton Abbey or Boardwalk Empire lady, gentleman, or child. Learn how to dress for motoring, golf, swimming, driving, afternoon tea, formal dinner, theater, wedding and, of course, dance. A comparison of 1920s fashion prints with period photographs provide a realistic look at 1920s designer fashions and the flapper dress. Shapely curves were concealed and flat-chested was in! Explore the sophistication of 1920s lingerie.


1920s Dresses for Summer1920s Dresses for Summer

Summer dresses and the latest 1920s fashion in the summer of 1922. For afternoon or informal evening wear, the 1922 summer Parisian houses were showing many 1920s dresses of organdie, of lace, and of lace combined with chiffon and kindred materials.  All skirts were long, from four to six inches from the ground, and sleeves were conspicuous by their absence.

How to Dress 1920s Fashion

How to Dress 1920s

How to Dress 1920s

Attending a Flapper party or want to plan a Boardwalk Empire bash? Provided is a 1920s dress chart advising the debonair gentleman on how to dress for a variety of social situations. Learn how to dress for motoring, golf, driving, afternoon tea, formal dinner, theater, wedding and, of course, dance.


Free 1920s Fashion Catalog


Download Free 1920 Fashion Catalog

Over 100 examples of popular 1920 fashion, including descriptions and prices, are featured in this Franklin Simon & Co. catalog.


Haute Couture

Erté Haute Couture – 15 Stunning Designs

A leading designer in early 20th century fashion, theater and interior décor.


Lady Edith embraces her inner “flapper”

Downton Abbey fans are introduced to the flapper craze of the 1920s. In the fourth season of the popular period drama, the typically reserved Lady Edith Crawley has embraced the glamorous and “shocking” fashions of the 1920s flapper. Read article here.


Fashions for the Rich & Famous

1920's Fashion

1920s Dress

A comparison of 1920's fashion prints with period photographs provide a realistic look at 1920's designer fashions and the flapper dress. Many 1920s magazines provided colorful images of the latest fashion for women.  Some, such as Gazette du Bon Ton, catered exclusively to the “rich and famous.” 


1920s Flapper Dress

Flapper DressFlapper Dress

The flapper girl qualified her personality with adjectives and adverbs or with passions that rose into superlatives. She was obsessed with jazz, short skirts, bobbed hair and glistening legs. Flapper! Dreadful young creatures— squealing and squawking and showing their legs!


1920 Lingerie

1920s Lingerie

1920s Lingerie

Hidden From View: Shapely curves were concealed and flat-chested was in! Explore the sophistication of 1920's lingerie. 1920s womens fashions exhibited an unprecedented transformation from the heavily corseted figure of the Victorian era into an almost boyish silhouette.  Dresses were shapeless and loose-fitting.


1920s Hats

1920s Hats

1920s Hats

Featured are sensational fall creations from October 1921. These designs represent early 20s millinery in its highest sense with a combination of beautiful lines and color, and ornamented with exquisite materials and trimmings. 


Vintage Swimsuits


1920 Vintage Bathing Suit

Women’s 1920s vintage bathing suits came in several contrasting colors. Styles included two-piece swimsuits consisting of jersey shirts and flannel trousers. Also worn were rubberized silk hats, cross-stitched jersey head-bands, and satin bathing slippers.


Vintage Wide Brim Hats


Wide Brim HatWide Brim 1920 Hats

During the first years of the 1920s, the wide brim hat style of the Edwardian era continued to be chic. A fine woven black straw hat features a deep crown worn so low it just about covers the eyebrows. The very wide drooping brim drops dramatically at both sides and is trimmed with narrow satin ribbon. Large floppy pink petal flowers are nonchalantly arranged around the brim.


1920s dress   1920s dress   1920s dress   1920s hat

Designer Dress from 1920


Gazette du Bon TonDesigner Dresses

Gazette du Bon Ton illustrates the trend-setting fashions in evening wear for the Paris elite in 1912.



Vintage Coats


Vintage CoatsWomen's Vintage Coats

The deep border of wool embroidery done in peasant fashion with added baby fox fur gives this 1920s coat unusual distinction. This style of women's vintage coats were available in a natural color wool Kashmir.


1920 Flapper



The story of the flapper. She was fun-loving – she smoked – and she loved to drink! See her in the flapper dress! Before prohibition, the only time a lady even considered carrying any intoxicating beverage with her was when she put a few drops into an old medicine bottle to take when traveling. In the hey-day of the flapper, all high-spirited girls carried their own flask.


1920s Accessories


Boudoir capFancy Boudoir Caps

By the 1920s, the traditional cotton and lace cap of the 19th century had been transformed into a confection of colorful silk and lace ornamented with silk ribbons, bows, and flowers and labeled “boudoir cap.” Boudoir caps were worn first thing in the morning, in the privacy of the lady’s bedroom by women of all classes.


Men's 1920s Clothing Accessories

Men's Vintage Clothing

Top This ... The Story of Top Hats
The wearing of a top hat began by making a statement, not merely being worn as part of a costume.

Men's Vintage Accessories - C1920
Men's vintage clothing accessories from 1920.

Men’s Vintage Hats
Top hats for the stylish 1920s gentleman.


1920s Party Ideas


1920s Halloween Party

Halloween party ideas with guarantee no matter what other reactions the guests may have, they will certainly not be bored. Suggestions for an unusual party. Dress up in that flapper dress and party!


Gazette du Bon Ton

1920s Entertaining

Correct Behavior on a Picnic

1920s etiquette article illustrated with 1920s fashion prints from Gazette du Bon Ton.


Vintage Clothing Storage


How to care for your antique and vintage textiles. Take care of your flapper dress. Storing Antique Clothing



1920s Wedding

Vintage Wedding Ideas

See wedding photographs of early 20th century brides and grooms. Find ideas for 1920s vintage wedding.