Hidden from View - 1920s Lingerie

Shapely curves were concealed with undefined box-shape fashions... and flat-chested was in!

1920s lingerie

The 1920s women’s fashions exhibited an unprecedented transformation from the heavily corseted figure of the Victorian era into an almost boyish silhouette. Dresses were shapeless and loose-fitting, with skirt lengths rotating from ankle length to knee length and back again. Shapely curves were concealed with undefined box-shape fashions; and flat-chested was in!

Young women took to bandaging their breasts flat to achieve the desired manly outline or wore undergarments just as the Symington Side Lacer that flattened the bust when tightened.  1920s lingerie and 1920s underwear reflected the absence of a silhouette the same as dress fashions by mimicking the box shape in slips, chemises and negligees.



1920s lingerie 1920s lingerie


1920s lingerie included flowing lace trimmed chiffon negligees that were loose-fitting and cut similarly to the fashionable dresses of the day. The lovely cream silk crêpe negligee on the right has wide lace inserts and silk ribbon trim. The label reads: B. Altman & Co., New York - Paris.


Negligees and House Robes from Harpers Bazar, c.1922




This "Hostess Gown" was offered in a 1925 Franklin & Simon catalog, an elegant New York Fifth Avenue establishment.  This 1920s lingerie garment was made of filmy chiffon with a tunic of Margot pattern lace and available in tea rose, turquoise or orchid over pink or peach color silk crêpe. The price was $29.50



By the 1920s, the traditional cotton and lace cap of the 19th century had been transformed into a confection of colorful silk and lace-- ornamented with silk ribbons, bows, and flowers. These boudoir caps were worn in the lady's bedroom to protect her coiffure while dressing.



This elegant matching 1920s boudoir set would be purchased for a young lady's trousseau.  Included were pink satin slippers, garters and a boudoir cap—each decorated with lace and tiny silk ribbon roses.


 1920s underwear 1920s underwear


A "step-in" chemise was a popular 1920s underwear garment for the young flapper of the mid-1920s. The undergarment on the right is lavishly ornamented with wide lace inserts and a pretty "boutonnière" of silk ribbon flowers.



Gazette du Bon Ton, c1920


 1920s underwear 1920s underwear


The Step-in 1920s Chemise on the left is of silk crêpe de Chine with creamy laces and an embroidered appliqué. It was available in peach, flesh pink, coral or yellow.  On the right, is a Vest-Chemise of silk crêpe de Chine with matching Step-in Pantaloons.


1920s underwear

1920s women had several options in underwear to help them achieve that "boyish" figure of a flat-chest and a straight silhouette.  On the left is a "semi-laced step-in corset" of elastic with sections of pink broché at both the back and front.  It is softly boned at the back and is 14 inches long.


1920s underwear

The 1920s Miracle Reducing Rubber Brassiere gave the "desirable flat lines" sought after by young women in the 20s.  It was paired with the Miracle Reducing Rubber Reducer, which molded the lines of the figure while reducing it. The garment was "scientifically designed without bones or lacings."


1920s underwear

The 1920s Bramley corsele was a combination brassiere and corset of self striped flesh colored satin batiste, invisible under a "flapper" dress. It cost $5.00.