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When it comes to creating a wedding photo album, most brides want to have both the professional images taken by their photographer, as well as candid shots that were snapped by guests throughout the event. However, with your guests all living in different locations it can be hard to collect their wedding pictures. While many guests can send you their images through email or will upload their photos to Facebook where you can then save a copy, these files may not be high resolution and not look as good as the original copy. However, with the creation of wedding photography sharing apps you can collect all the high resolution images taken by your guests, and store them in one easy location. There are a variety of photo sharing apps available for various smartphones, the most popular being available to iPhone and android users. While your choices will differ depending on which type of smartphone you use, most of these mobile applications allow your guests, family, and even the wedding photographer to upload photos to an account you can share with everyone.


Wedding Planning Apps

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There are a wide variety of wedding planning applications available for download onto Samsung, Android, and Apple phones that help with preparing for everything from food to seating, and flowers to photos. Try downloading a mobile app that will help you keep track of your “To-Do” checklist for your big day, or an app that provides you with photos of weddings to help inspire your designs. In addition to these, you can also download a wedding dress app that can help you design your gown, as well as those of the bridesmaids! Some of the most handy applications that you can download to your mobile phone are wedding photography apps which help you to collect, organize, and share pictures from your special day. These applications can even help you organize the pictures into specific photo albums for different events leading up to your wedding day. While most of these android and iPhone apps can be downloaded for free, a select few need to be purchased in order to enjoy the full range of features. However most of these applications only cost a couple of dollars!


Wedding Pictures

ring bearerFrom the engagement shower, to the ceremony to the wedding reception, there are many moments to document on your big day. With the help of wedding photography apps for iPhones, androids, Windows phone and other mobile devices it is easy to document, collect, and share all these memories with your friends and family. Share your favorite images from wedding magazines that helped you find inspiration for your dress design, pictures of the reception area, and the before and after pics of your ceremony. Wedding Snap, the number one wedding photo sharing app allows you to collect and stream an unlimited amount of pictures and video through either your smart phone, or an easy to access website. This app also allows you to create different albums for specific events throughout your wedding planning, such as the engagement pictures, bridal shower and bachelorette party. While the mobile app can be downloaded for free, you can purchase different packages online that give you larger storage space, additional features, and the ability to download and order high quality prints.


Wedding Photo Sharing

wedding photo sharingThere are a variety of different mobile applications ready for download that can help you with all aspects of your wedding planning, including a personalized guest list planner, on-the-go access to designer catalogs that can help you pick out the dress, and even ones that can help the groom find the perfect tux. Now with an app for wedding pictures, it is easier than ever to share the memories from your special day. The LifePics Wedding app is a free mobile application that utilizes photo sharing technology designed to help the bride and groom collect images from their wedding day. This wedding photography app for guests and family allows you to select the names and numbers from your contacts list to send a personalized invitation that links to your account. Your friends and family can then select their copies of engagement photos, bridal pictures, and any other images related to your wedding day to upload to your account. The company that designs this free wedding photo app even offers other tools such as an invitation application and a keepsake and gift designer.


Free Wedding Photography

wedding photographyPlanning and carrying out a wedding is an expensive task that involves many different aspects such as catering, seating, flowers, decorations, a cake designer, and, most important, a photographer. By the time you hire a professional photographer and collect the pictures, your wedding photography costs upwards of $4000 causing you to have to spend a lot more time and money to have and enjoy the pictures from your special day. An easy way to avoid the hassle of hiring one or more photographers for wedding ceremonies is to use the images that your guests collect on their digital cameras or smartphones. Plus with free apps such as The Married App for wedding guests you can collect photos from all your friends and family and stream them live throughout your ceremony and reception! On the list of the best smartphone app for sharing images of your nuptials are The Wedding Photographer Free and PhotoOpp Bride Edition which both allow you to create online photo books that allow your guests to post their own pictures and see those posted by others.


Organize Your Wedding Photos

Whether you are collected beautiful images from your beach wedding photos from the reception, or even pictures from the rehearsal dinner, you can find free photo sharing apps to make collecting and streaming images from your marriage easy. The Carlson Craft Wedding Pics app is a free application that allows the bride and groom to collect and share their photos with family and friends. This simple app can be downloaded to your iPhone, iPad, and even iTouch so you can have the joy of experiencing all the joyous moments of your wedding day right at your very finger tips. Snap the Wedding is another popular photo app that allows brides to sign up for a free account, upload pictures from their own mobile device, collect images from guests, and then enjoy them! Now your bridal photography can be stored in one easy to reach location! Need more help with other aspects of planning your wedding? Try searching for the array of wedding planning applications in your smart phones app store where you can find anything from a tuxedo builder for the groom, to a dress designer for the bride. With these mobile applications you wedding day will be made easy!