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One of the hardest parts of planning out your big day is developing your wedding guest list. How do you determine who to invite, layout the seating arrangement, find everyone’s mailing address and keep track of each person’s RSVP? In the past, brides had to keep track of all these things on paper or rely on the help of a professional wedding planner. There are a variety of websites, software programs and mobile apps that provide you with everything from help learning how to make a guest list to ways to collect and display your wedding photos for all your friends and family to see. Some apps can even provide you with wedding guest book ideas, creative favors you can give to all that attend and also decorative place cards to put at each seat. Regardless of the task that you need help with, wedding planning apps are perfect for preparing, organizing, and tracking every step of the process.


Planning your Wedding

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One thing that many brides have in common is that they more often than not need wedding help, especially when it comes to making a guest list. However, nowadays making and organizing your guest list is easier than ever with the advent of new technology that assists in almost every step in the process of your wedding & event planning. Obviously the first step of this sometimes tedious process is to sit down with your fiancé and compile a list of all the friends and family you wish to invite and then cut it down depending on your size restraints and budget. But what is the best way to collect this list to ensure that both the brides and grooms have fun and easy time? Try downloading a wedding app that specifically helps you organize, keep track of and make guest list. There are a variety of wedding apps for iPhone, androids, iPads and tablets that can be downloaded at no cost to you. Now you can have every aspect of your wedding planning at your fingertips whether you are making arrangements and alterations from home, checking up on your lunch break at work, or even while grabbing a bite to eat with your future bridesmaids.


Free Guest List Apps

If you do not have a lot of money to spend on your wedding, it may not be in your budget to hire a professional planner to help find a vendor, book a caterer, reserve a place for the reception, and arrange a seating chart. However, free wedding apps are a great way to save money and do all these tasks yourself. These apps are especially great when it comes to your guest list for both the wedding and the reception, as well as for organizing the seating chart. One of the many features of wedding apps for android, iphone, and other smartphones is the ability for them to connect to your contacts list and pull vital information such as the mailing address and phone number. There are even features that allow you to connect to Facebook to import friends and their contact information. Whether you are looking to organize a bridal shower, wedding, or engagement party guest list, these apps will collect all the necessary contact information and store it in one easy to access place.


Best Wedding Guest List Apps

wedding appWhile free wedding iPhone and iPad apps have many components that will make planning your big day a little bit easier, they often have limited features. However, most full priced wedding and event planning apps cost only a couple of dollars, ranging from $1 to $14 at most, and contain many more features than the free versions. Some of these features unique to a full price event and wedding planning app include time lines on when to start the process, important information for the bride-to-be such as how to select the best vendors, budget forms, printable seating charts and even components that allow you to design the floor plan at your venue. Some of the best wedding apps for arranging guest lists and other aspects of the event include Guest List Organizer, GuestPlanner, and Time 2 Be Wed. Because these mobile apps are relatively inexpensive it can be to your benefit to spend this small amount of money to help you save more on your wedding day.