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Every little girl dreams about their wedding day, fantasizing about her groom, the décor, and most importantly the bridal dress. Planning the bride’s dress for a wedding is an integral part of arranging the entire event. While you may think that picking out the perfect wedding dress will be easy, it can quickly turn into a grueling process. Bridal gowns come in a variety of different styles and shapes. Typically, most future bride will try on almost 20 wedding dresses before coming across the perfect one. Whether you’re using a custom wedding dress design or choosing one off the rack, it is ideal to start the process several months prior to the big day with a wedding dress app.


Design Your Own Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress Designer

There are several tips and tricks that you can use to make this process quicker and easier, including using an app designed specifically to design your own wedding dress. Numerous apps are available for download in apple, android, and window’s online stores that can help you organize your event, create a guest list, design the cake, pick your groom’s tuxedo, and even choose the perfect bridal gowns online! A wedding dress app for mobile devices are perfect for busy brides to be who are looking to plan their big day on the go. With these applications you can look through a wide selection of images or design any type of wedding attire including bridesmaids gowns, bridal dresses and even tuxedos. Download and use some of the top rated wedding dress apps as your go to source for the hottest styles, trends, and designs on the market. You can even design your wedding dress online by combining different styles, patterns and fabrics from your favorite dresses. Not only can you build your own dress, but most of these applications feature a selection of designer wedding dress salons where you can schedule a visit to try your favorite gowns on. For those women on a budget, find the locations of several stores that sell cheap bridal gowns that are either used or left over from previous seasons. With the tuxedo builder app you can also find and design the best tux for your groom to coordinate perfectly with your dress and the theme of the wedding.


Wedding Dress Photos

BouquetOne of the top dress designing applications for both Android and Apple mobile devices is the Wedding Dress Look Book by The Knot. This application provides the best on-the-go source for your bridal gown needs. Several wedding magazines have listed this application as their go-to download for shopping for and planning the big day. With this app you can select the best bridal dresses for you based on your size and height as well as the silhouette and neckline you desire. With this wedding dress designer app you can choose from a selection of random styles or pick the exact shape and fabric you want. This application provides you with hundreds of high quality photos of designer bridal dresses for you to scroll through, as well as the option of adding bookmarks to your favorite gowns. In addition, with the Wedding Dress Look Book, you can locate stores where you can find the wedding dress design you have been looking at. Use this app to locate these boutiques and take your friends and family to try on both bridal and bridesmaids dresses.


Bridal Dress Organizer

weddingFor those of you with Windows mobile devices, check out the Wedding Dress List app. This application is available for both windows and iOS and allows you to look through thousands of bridal wedding dresses with every design and style imaginable. With this app you can easily keep track of all the dresses you find online, in stores, and even the ones you try on by simple taking a picture and recording the details. You can even keep track of your favorite details about each dress, such as fabrics, necklines, and accessories, making this the perfect tool for planning your big day. For help with other aspects of the wedding, consider using the cake designer app. This application will allow you to create or choose the perfect cake for your wedding day as well as other events as well. There are also other helpful tools available for many different smartphone mobile devices such as guest list and invitation planners. Guest list planner apps can help you to determine who to invite, layout the seating arrangement, find guest’s mailing address’ and keep track of each RSVP!


Design Your Wedding Gown

Wedding AppAnother great wedding dress app available for download on Apple iPhone and iPad devices is the iBridalGown. This mobile application is your very own wedding dress assistant that fits perfectly in your pocket. Carry this application any where you go to help you search for the perfect dresses for a wedding. Not only can you browse through a vast selection of wedding appthe most popular designer dresses, but you can also save and share your favorite wedding photos on social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook. This app offers shoppers with the ability to search for gowns based on designer, style, cost, location and color. Make notes on pictures, save your top picks, and keep track of your dress’s availability in stores with the click of a button. Once you have visited a salon and tried on several gowns, you can take pictures, write notes, organize your selections and store all this information on your profile to review at a later date. Find free wedding dress designer apps to help make shopping easy and fun by minimizing frustration, storing your ideas, and translating unfamiliar bridal jargon.