Unique Wedding Party Gifts - Dolls as Wedding Favors



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Isn't this the “cutest,” most fascinating idea - the costumes of the bridal party in miniature? Dolls and weddings — the two are inseparable as a unique wedding party favors idea. The brilliant and successful career of the doll has been crowned by its being the most fashionable souvenir gift associated with wedding ceremonies. The dolls collected for wedding party gifts are of the finest bisque and are graceful and delicate in outline and coloring. These wedding party gifts dolls are dressed in miniature copies of the costumes of the bride, her maid of honor, and the bridesmaids. Another doll wears a copy of the bride’s going-away dress, so that all the ceremonial costumes will be well represented. Pieces of the bridal gowns are used for making up the doll frocks, and expert needlewomen attend to their adornment. The bride’s own milliner tops off the small figures with hats that exactly imitate those to be seen in the bridal party.


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If a prospective bride is clever with her needle and enjoys dressing dolls, she can assemble her bridesmaids at a luncheon before the wedding and the party can have a merry time, afterward, in producing replicas of their own dresses for the wedding table decorations. The correctly dressed dolls are mounted upon the tops of small boxes containing wedding cake slices for the recipients of the charming bisque figures. The dolls can also be mounted upon tiny round mirrors, or circles of white satin fringed with green, and have white satin bags containing pieces of cake hung over their arms. These fine bisque toys are very expensive, and if a bride gives a full wedding set to each attendant, her outlay for dolls is considerable. Therefore it is more customary to make wedding party gifts of single dolls. It is a fad, also, for the maids to present a bride, maid of honor, and bridesmaid doll to the bride. Besides the beautiful effect produced on a wedding table by a bevy of fine bisque figures exquisitely attired, the costumes of the dolls afford material for conversation, and sometimes for a good deal of fun.


Dolls as Wedding Favors

Instead of the costly French porcelain dolls, it is possible to select the prettiest dolls of ordinary quality and less expensive. Of course dolls of this kind have not the necks and arms that artists have molded in the others, but very pretty faces can be easily found, and the effect is enhanced when hair of different colors is chosen. Very small scraps of material will dress these tiny play figures of the wedding party, and paste and needle may both be employed in the robing process.  Even paper-dressed dolls and actual paper dolls are effectively used as decorations at wedding festivities. Cardboard dolls can be purchased that are painted in some color scheme as the wedding party, such as rose and white, green and white, or gold and white. These dolls stand upon a place card. They are sometimes painted in the costumes of a bride and her attendants; the groom is often a feature of the group. [Author by Mary Mount]