Wedding Napkins and Serviettes



wedding napkin ideasAlmost any amount of ingenuity can be displayed in folding wedding napkins. Serviettes folded in alternate patterns down a table look well, such as mitres and shells, and there may be flowers placed in the shells. The mitre, the cornucopia, the pocket, and the shell are perhaps the best of folded wedding napkins designs. To produce an elegant display and succeed in the more elaborate styles of folding, napkins or serviettes are required to be very fine, exactly square, not too large, to be starched, and folded quite damp, every fold creased in place with a clean hot iron.

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Unless very hot, the napkins will not be stiff enough. The very simplest folds look extremely pretty if carefully done. Serviettes should be spotlessly clean and glossy. If at any time the folding of a serviette is unsatisfactory, do not attempt to refold the napkin since it is impossible to succeed if already creased. Throw it aside to be re-damped or re-starched, which will take but a few moments, and meanwhile proceed with fresh ones.


Serviettes - Proper Use at a Wedding

Wedding Table with napkinsThe wedding napkin should be laid in the lap, never tucked under the chin, or spread across the chest. A gentleman usually lays it across his right knee. When he has finished, he lays it, without folding, beside his plate. As soon as a guest is seated at the table, he unfolds the table napkin partially, and without any awkward flourishing, and spreads it on his knee. Nothing else is touched until the soup is served, or the fruit, if the repast begins with a fruit course, as it frequently does. Never use the table napkin to wipe off the face. It is intended for the lips and fingertips, and is not expected to serve as a towel or handkerchief.



How to Fold Wedding Napkins

The  Rose  WEDDING  Napkin
Wedding Napkins

Large serviettes folded in this way can be used as containers for candy or party favors at a party.

Wedding Napkins Find the center of the serviette and fold corners A, B, C and D up to it.
Wedding Napkins Fold corners E, F, G and H to the new center.
Wedding Napkins Fold corners J, K, L and M to the second new center.
Wedding Napkins Now turn the serviette over and then fold the four corners N, 0, P and R to the center and this side.
Wedding Napkins Place a tumbler on this upside down, then reach under and bring the points up around the tumbler until they form the rose.

Wedding Napkins

Two  Points  WEDDING  Napkin
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Folding Serviettes Large wedding napkins folded in this way make a sophisticated statement at a formal event.


Folding Serviettes Fold the party napkin through the center.
Folding Serviettes Then fold one-half A and B diagonally across the other C and D until two equal points E and B are gained.
Folding Serviettes Fold the bottom edge of the party napkin up toward the points about one-third of the way.
Folding Serviettes With this edge on the inside lap point F and G one over the other.
Folding Serviettes Then tuck one of the points into the groove until it "locks."
Folding Serviettes Push out into shape so that it will stand.