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The highpoint of every wedding reception comes at the table. Here the successful wedding planner puts forth their best effort, for they know that the motif of the table decorations and the uniqueness of the wedding favors score high on the success of the event. How to succeed Make Wedding Favorswith cheap wedding favors is the challenge. Now you can make wedding favors and bridal shower favors to have a unique wedding like no other. Inexpensive wedding favors help with the high cost of a modern wedding. Featured are ideas and directions to make wedding favors and unique wedding favors cheap. The following are a group of table favors and accessories which may be used for a wedding reception, bridesmaids' luncheon or wedding shower.


Cheap Wedding Favors

Wedding Favors

Many wedding favors and reception table accessories can be purchased ready for use, but others may be made by the bride herself with crepe paper, paste, and perhaps a bit of wire. Below is shown how to make your own wedding favors bag to hold candy and nuts at a bridesmaids' luncheon or wedding shower. This rose petal bag also makes a great wedding favors container to hold and shower confetti. Make Wedding Favors



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Make Wedding Favors   Make Wedding Favors
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Make Wedding Favors   Make Wedding Favors
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