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Vintage Bath and Tub design by Schon.Vintage Bath Tub Slideshow: Discover the spirit of bathing with a free standing bath. For centuries, freestanding baths have ornamented the finest properties round the world. They impart a unique vintage feel to a bathroom space with an advantage of being movable unlike fixed baths. Creating the perfect vintage bath begins with researching the many styles available today. Vintage bath design can evoke anything from a charming cottage-cozy atmosphere to a sophisticated spa-like retreat, each imparting a sense of history and tradition. Pastels aren’t just for nurseries anymore - especially when you combine best 2016 paint colors with zesty modern accents.
[Image: Vintage Tub: vintage tub is by Schon. It is a 71 inch freestanding vintage bath tub of acrylic]


Vintage Bath and Tub design by Victoria & Albert is a freestanding classic Toulouse double-ended bateau tub.


Vintage Bath: The above vintage tub is one of the series featured by Victoria & Albert. It is a 64 inch freestanding vintage bath and tub. The freestanding classic Toulouse double-ended bateau tub features a deep, double-ended bathing well. The freestanding design will be the anchor point of your vintage bath. Comes complete with integral base and internal overflow.


Soaking in a warm bath is looked upon as one of the more effortless ways to relieve stress, to feel fresh and to relax. To enjoy the full possibilities of relaxing in a freestanding tub consider the many options in luxurious slipper tubs and classic cast iron vintage baths. To transform your bathroom into a vintage style retreat, several top bathroom fixture manufacturers offer a unique perspective on beautiful skirted cast iron bath tubs, exclusive claw foot tubs and vintage style bathtubs.

Also, look further than the old-fashioned clawfoot tub to the various vintage bath and tub designs in acrylic. Furthermore, copper freestanding tubs are particularly striking, with an assertive metallic finish that makes their elegant traditional designs even more eye catching. Copper bathtubs run the gamut from very ornate and vintage to simple and rustic.

Creating a relaxing bathroom requires thoughtful design and a well-planned layout. A popular element in both modern and traditionally designed bathrooms is a stand-alone or freestanding bath, which visually draws attention and provides the allure of escaping the daily hustle and bustle with a gentle and soothing soaking bath experience. With flexible installation options, freestanding baths have seemingly endless possibilities in any bathroom design theme, especially in a vintage bath design.

As they occupy little space, a freestanding vintage tub can be fitted into your bathroom without a major remodel. The style of a new vintage bath tub is considered to be most essential to add that extra oomph factor to a bathroom design in a period home. Today’s vintage bath and tub designs in a variety of material provide bathroom interiors with an extravagant yet tranquil atmosphere. Moreover, vessel sinks, or free-standing sinks, can become a sculptural centerpiece to complement your vintage freestanding tub.


Vintage tub features a sleek design with an vintage bath style.

Vintage Style Bath Tub: The above vintage bath tub features a sleek design with an vintage bath style.


Does possessing a small compact bathroom restrict you from enjoying the pleasures of bathing in a bath tub? Today you can choose one of the two easy options, i.e. placing a freestanding bath with or without any wall support. The super space-saver attributes and lightweight materials, plus the graceful and unique design of the freestanding baths have made them widely accepted and more popular than ever. They are largely available in different sizes and colors so that they can perfectly adjust to your bathroom space. The trendy and smooth curve of a freestanding vintage tub fits well in both modern and traditional bathroom designs. They are convenient and luxurious and fit well in almost all types of bathrooms, irrespective of the fact that the available space is large or small.


Vintage bath freestanding bathtub. Perfect for relaxing and reading.

You'll love the vintage style of this freestanding bathtub. Perfect for relaxing and reading, this sturdy claw foot acrylic tub is sure to give your home a clean and classic appeal. 

Freestanding bathtubs do not deter you from keeping your bathroom neat and uncluttered. Whether you have a taste for the modern or tend to a more traditional or vintage bath design, there are a wide breadth of products. Choose from a range of sizes, materials, colors, faucet installations and hydrotherapy options to find the right fit. The fabulous Cathryn Adele, a double slipper bateau tub, introduces contrasting shades of green and blue verdigris on a metallic copper-coated cast iron tub. The exterior appearance is that of an old copper tub transformed with verdigris patina over a few decades of life, the ultimate in a vintage bath setting. Freestanding baths are quite easily affordable and nothing can be more important than your comfort. So enjoy taking bath in a comfortable and trendy freestanding bath and add a new vintage bath style statement to your design space.


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