Vintage Bathroom Design


Recreate this Vintage Bathroom Design. This vintage bathroom design can be easily replicated with modern bathroom fixtures and the latest in ceramic or glazed tile. Illustrated is a 1906 Vintage Bathroom Design. The built in shower alcove is similar to today's modern bathroom design. This bathroom layout maintains an authentic vintage design for a period home while offering all the amenities of a modern designer bathroom.


Vintage Bathroom Design


Illustrated here is a 1906 vintage bath from a large luxury home built in Kansas, Missouri. Recreate this vintage bathroom design with modern bathroom fixtures and an artistic bathroom tile design. The special feature of this design is a “Rain Bath”, which is the separate tile shower enclosure, in circular form, built on the right side of the vintage bath. The wall of the shower and the door casing is of Della Robbia glazed tile. The bath tub is enclosed in a frame tiled with the same Della Robbia glazed tile, as are the walls, ceiling, and window casings. In this vintage bath design the color of the wainscoting, including the decorated cap, is in shades of jade stone. The frieze and cove are in old ivory with jade, light green and old rose color decorations. The ceiling tile in this plan is old ivory with jade buttons and the floor is tiled with Ceramic Mosaic with an artistic decorative border in colors that harmonize with the walls.

Above the wall mounted sink are brushed nickel towel racks with swinging arms plus a soap-dish, tumbler-holder, and tooth-brush rack. There is a matching sponge holder on the tub. In this bathroom two matching vintage light fixtures frame the sink area.

This vintage bathroom design is so artistic and the blending of colors is so soft, being all mezzo tones, that it forms a beautiful picture as well as a perfect vintage bathroom design. This vintage bath can be easily replicated with modern bathroom fixtures and the latest in ceramic or glazed tile.


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