Victorian Heirloom Ornaments

The idea for Dresden Star Ornaments was born out of Gail and Glenn Giaimo’s love for old Victorian Christmas ornaments. They discovered that many original elaborate and fantastic antique and vintage ornaments were hard to find; often they were found either in poor condition (broken, and/or missing parts), or in someone’s personal collection, only available for viewing in books.

Dresden Star Ornaments are constructed from vintage and antique materials. Gold embossed die-cut papers, loosely termed “Dresden trims,” are used to decorate the ornaments. Many of the elaborate borders, birds, stars, anchors, script phrases, and pink medallions are old-stock made in Germany. Since old-stock Dresden embossed papers are becoming scarce, they also use some newer trims from Germany. The quality of the gold embossed papers bought from Germany is generally very good, as some of the same equipment and techniques are used today as were used in the past. Read full story.