Regency Era Work-Table

Ladies from a Jane Austen movie used such a table for writing letters, needlework and drawing.

How did ladies from a Jane Austen movie entertain themselves? Reading, writing letters, needlework and drawing were popular pastimes. This regency era worktable provided space for all their activities.

Work Table An 1811 engraving features a Regency era lady’s backgammon work-table, with seven different accommodations. In the first place, this is a very elegant and ornamental piece of furniture for a drawing room or boudoir, or a convenient reading and writing table with ink, pens, etc.

By sliding the desk off, it then forms a backgammon, chess, and draft table. Underneath the work-table is a handsome silk bag for a work-bag, or any other purpose. The whole is made of fashionable Brazil wood, beautifully inlaid, and ornamented with brass. Morgan and Sanders were the manufacturers of this elegant Regency era work-table.


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