How to Host a Garden Party

 Garden Party

A Summer Lawn Festival from "The Art Interchange", July 5, 1890.



"A lawn festival or garden party for a charitable purpose took place on the grounds of a Club House in one of the suburbs near town. Tickets were privately disposed of at $1 each, and the charity was further benefited by the proceeds arising from a sale of party articles displayed in booths erected upon the lawn.

Each garden party booth represented some flower and was decorated accordingly. The pansy garden booth was a tent of yellow and purple awning material made in the shape of a pansy. Over the front the word "Pansy" in enormous letters made of artificial pansies, was conspicuous. Many pretty and fanciful gifts were arranged upon the pansy-shaped table. Bits of delicate china, glove and mouchoir cases, sachets, photograph frames, baskets prettily trimmed, etc., each article, however, bearing some device of the representative flower either painted or embroidered upon it. Some of the open fans were pansy shaped. The glove and handkerchief cases were decorated with pansy designs, and the matrons and young girls who presided wore these flowers in their hats and upon their gowns.

A second garden table represented a sun flower. Through the center of the ring-shaped table rose the pole which supported the gigantic sun flower umbrella composing the roof. This garden party umbrella was made to order, and was a perfect imitation of the flower in shape and color. The table was covered with a gold coloured cotton stuff, with the inner edge of dark brown. Here the ladies who wore costumes of deep yellow and brown, with a sun-flower upon the corsage and disposed of lamp and candle shades, pincushions and pen-wipers, periodical covers, bags and bonbonnieres and many other things decorated in some way with the golden flower of the sun.

An enormous scarlet umbrella with white edge formed the roof of the poppy garden party display. Scarlet bunting was draped around the sides, and the presiding dames wore white gowns trimmed with poppies. Garden hats trimmed with these flowers mixed with wheat and grasses, white muslin parasols decorated with a bunch of poppies on one side, sofa and chair cushions of India silk with outline designs of poppies, were among the objects to be disposed of on this table.

There was a daisy booth where everything was rustic and simple was the most decorative of the garden party decorations. The colors were white and yellow, and a fringe of daisies hung to the edge of the white umbrella which formed the roof. Daisies ornamented the hats and gowns of the ladies who presided here, and among the articles sold were white and gold tea cups and saucers, white fans, pitchers, vases, white linen table scarves and covers, doyleys, photograph frames of white duck with daisy decorations and some dainty blotting books and portfolios covered with white cretonne with pattern of yellow and white daisies. 

The principal garden party display was arranged as a miniature flower market. The tent, of larger size than the rest occupied the central space upon the lawn, and here were displayed in all their beauty blooming plants of every variety. The potted plants were arranged upon the ground, and extended some distance beyond the tent on the outside. There were also jardineres, window boxes and hanging baskets, and inside the tent plants were placed on high graduated steps making a floral wall of great beauty. There was no table in the booth, but near by was an annex where cut flowers were sold and bouquets made up.

The Club House was tastefully decorated for the occasion. The hall was hung with crimson, and in the pretty drawing-room white and yellow cheese cloth draped windows and doors. Tea and cakes were served here without any extra charge."