Easter Fun - Handmade Victorian Easter Ornaments  

by Glenn & Gail Giaimo

Dresden Star Victorian Easter ornaments are whimsical  hand-crafted treats featuring beautiful antique scraps, old glass ornaments, and a variety of vintage trimmings, making them truly look like antique crafted decorations. You can decorate a wall, window, mirror or mantle with these whimsical creations.




Lady Easter Bunny with Chick in Ruffled Nut-Cup

This wonderful 1900's scrap rabbit with a basket of eggs and an endearing little yellow chick is perched atop an early vintage double-ruffle nut-cup with green accents. Three different vintage wired chenille trims are twisted together and combined with antique lace to form the basket handle. The finishing touches include antique gold lace, antique fabric fringe, antique beaded ribbon trim, and antique Dresden paper trim. The ornament is hand signed by the artist, Glenn Giaimo.

White Rabbit in Deluxe Glass Egg

A spectacular fabrication created from an early 1900's glass figural indented ornament and an early vintage glass icicle. Early vintage ribbon is twisted around the pike with an antique scrap rabbit's head. There is a Victorian era beaded necklace encircling the bottom portion of the ornament with antique metallic lace and two different vintage Dresden paper trims. The ornament is hand signed by the artist, Glenn Giaimo.


This whimsical ornament features an antique scrap with an adorable chick playing a cello and a vintage crepe paper nut-cup with "C.A. Reed Company" stamped on the bottom. A small antique scrap  with the motto "Faith and Love" is attached to the front. Other trimmings include early vintage paper "straw", antique fabric rick-rack, antique fabric fringe, vintage Dresden paper trim, and antique tinsel twisted over wire.  The ornament is hand signed by the artist, Gail Giaimo.


Brown Rabbit in Elaborate Frosted Glass Egg

An early vintage glass sphere ornament forms the fanciful basket for an early 1900's scrap rabbit. Antique emerald rhinestones plus antique scrap daisies and lilies add color to this creation. Vintage tinseled wire  twisted with early vintage silk flowers and antique tatted lace form the handle. There are five different kinds of antique Dresden paper trims, antique silk trim, and antique fabric fringe trim.  The ornament is hand signed by the artist, Gail Giaimo.


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