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Easter Crafts for kids creating authentic Victorian era decorations for Easter is simple. In the 19th century, popular Easter gifts included small doll-faced toys created from eggs. The Easter craft is made from egg shells from which the eggs had been blown, leaving the shell perfect. Each doll features a little face painted upon the egg shells and dressed in caps or bonnets made of tissue paper. With these directions and patterns from a vintage book, you can fashion a Victorian lady and gentleman as fun Easter crafts for kids.


Easter CraftTo begin with, select several nice large eggs. These eggs should be blown, that is, the shells emptied of their contents. To blow the eggs, make a small hole in each end of the shell, and, taking it gently between the thumb and forefinger, put one hole to the lips; then blow, not too hard, but steadily, until the egg has all run out of the other end.


The face must be painted next, merely in outline is best. An easy way is to search for a pretty face of a suitable size in a child’s picture book and then transfer it to the egg in this way: Lay a piece of tracing-paper over the head selected, and with a soft lead pencil trace carefully all the lines indicating the features; then place the paper on the shell so that the pencil marks are next to it, and with a hard pencil, go over the lines again, thus transferring the soft pencil marks to the shell. Touch up and strengthen the features with a fine paint-brush or marker.


The simplest arrangement for holding the little head erect is a small cardboard box turned upside down, and having a hole cut in the bottom just large enough to insert the small end of the shell. This will support the head nicely, and also form the shoulders. It can be decorated in a variety of ways.


Make the hair of yarn, cotton, or doll’s hair from a craft store and fasten it on the head with glue.


Print the PDF of head-dress patterns, find it here.


Easter Craft


Victorian Poke-Bonnet Head-Dress:

Cut this bonnet from ordinary brown wrapping-paper from the pattern provided. Glue together the ends of the “side of crown,” then glue the curved side (which is cut in slits as shown in pattern, and folded back as indicated by dotted line) to the smallest part of brim; fold in the strips marked on the straight “side of crown” and fasten on the “top of crown” with glue. The trimming for the bonnet consists of a fold and bow of colored tissue paper. You can add floral decorations if you like.

Victorian Man’s Hat Head-Dress:

Make the man’s hat of shiny black paper with the pattern provided. Fasten together in the same manner as the bonnet, rolling the sides of the brim when finished.