Luxury Vintage Style Bath

Envisioning a vintage style bath design for today’s modern home that goes beyond the claw foot tub.

Sumptuous bathrooms are not a modern invention; on the contrary, the bath was not only a religion with the ancient Greeks, but a luxury to the early Italians. Therefore, when one envisions a vintage style bathroom design for today’s modern home, he should not immediately look to a dark wood paneled bathroom with a boxed-in metal bathtub. In the early 1900s, bathroom fixtures became so elaborate in number and quality, that the conveniences home owners had in their bathroom were limited only by one’s purse. The leading manufacturers at this time anticipated the dreams of the home owner and provided the most luxurious bathroom fixtures. By comparing early photographs of vintage bathroom fixtures with today’s available bathroom fixtures, you will see how luxurious the real vintage bath was, and how easy it is to recreate this look and still maintain an inviting modern retreat. Compare vintage bath fixtures with today’s bathroom fixtures to recreate a vintage bathroom design. Many major bath fixtures manufacturers now provide online bath design and planning tools for your vintage bathroom design project. If you are remodeling, today’s internet is your best resource for bath design and planning tools.