Love the Vintage Bath Look?

Begin your vintage bath design with articles and photos of bath fixtures, floor tile and accessories from real vintage baths.

Love the vintage bath look? In the early 1900s, the old one-per-household five by eight vintage bath was replaced with the latest in bathroom invention and design. The assortment of bathroom fixtures and accessories available for the new vintage bath were both grand and charming. Open fireplaces were built, chairs or marble seats provided, and perfumes, powders, nail files, and the rest, arranged in cut glass or silver, were available. The sponges and soap were kept in silver racks or on decorated porcelain dishes.  Embroidered towels hung in profusion. Everything was either nickel-plated or plate glass. Shelves were often of plate glass, and towel rods and tabletops were made of glass also.

Today, vintage bath styles have never been more popular as a choice for those nostalgic homeowners yearning for that little bit of the past. These freestanding bathtubs are recreated by many manufacturers to embody a vintage bath design reminiscent of a time where rooms were designed to represent a touch of class, but only if you could afford it of course. Begin your vintage bath design with articles and photos of bath fixtures, claw foot tubs, floor tile, and accessories from real vintage baths. Read more.