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small yard landscape designIt is easy to plan your backyard landscape with the latest 2020 free landscape design software and apps. You can quickly plan a small yard landscape with shrubs, hedges, trees and hardscape features with top landscape program or apps. The design illustrated here is typical of what may be accomplished on a small landscaping area of about 30' in width and 45' in length. The primary object of the design for small backyard was to make a secluded restful retreat — a private garden that would give pleasure to the household as well as shut out from view any unsightly buildings with dwarf fruit trees at the rear of the yard.



Now you can plan a backyard plan with the finest flowers, shrubs and trees for the DIY homeowner. Care can be used in the selection and arrangement of plants and landscaping trees to bring about simplicity and balance to the small backyard landscape plan, and at the same time to show variety.


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Small Trees Shrubs

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The center of this landscaping plan is left as a panel of lawn enclosed on three sides of the yard by a hedge of shrub foliage. The corner accents of pyramidal birches, fast growing shade trees, will completely shut out the rest of the unsightly view within a year after planting. The maple tree in the foreground casts its shadow in an effective way to the lawn below, giving to the garden a rich appearance. Use an online landscaping app such as Dirr’s Tree and Shrub Finder” landscape app to search for trees.

No small yard shrubs for landscaping or small landscaping trees were used which are not of proven worth in varied climatic conditions. In the corners with the birches are massed Persian lilacs, these being chosen because of their enhancement in contrast to the coarser varieties. Frequently the purple lilac flowers will bloom the same year they are planted, although the plants are very small. These lilacs do well in both a full and partial sun landscape and grow to a height of up to 10 feet, making them ideal for borders or placement behind your shorter plants.



Small Yard Makeover Ideas

Free software generated landscape design and patio design.Among the other tried and true tree shrubs in the small yard landscape design is the staghorn sumac which can grow under a various conditions, especially in soil which other plants cannot survive. This is found in most landscape design software icon libraries for planning with free trial downloads. As a hedge plant in the small yard, there is the Regel Privet, a standard as a privacy screen in home landscape plans.

Some mature at up to 12‘ tall by 15’ wide with tiny white fragrant flowers appearing in June. The Regel Privet can thrive in full sun to partial shade. Another easy shrub to grow in your small backyard design is the ninebark. This deciduous shrub tolerates a wide range of weather conditions and can thrive in full sun to part shade. The ninebark grows to 10’ tall and features tiny pink or white flower clusters. It attracts butterflies to your yard and is deer resistant. Two other deciduous shrubs included in the small garden landscape are the mock orange and the snowberry.

flower icon from landscaping app softwareThe flowers in the small garden landscape are arranged in slight panels in the lawn at the sides and ends. Included in many landscape design software programs are hardscape features such as garden seats and a bird bath which serve admirably as accents without marring the simplicity of the whole composition. In choosing the flowers for this small landscape plan, only tested varieties were used like the gaillardia, achillea, iris, phlox, black-eyed Susan, platycodon and campanulas. These choices can all furnish cut flowers over a fairly long period and look colorful and cheery in the garden beds. Rather than make an ordered collection of individually attractive plants, this small yard landscape design features an intimate garden enclosure, simple and pleasing in outline.


Burpee free online garden design tools works on smartphone and tablet devices.Before you venture outside with your shovel you can create and design your small landscape plan with free garden landscape software and apps online. You can design this small yard landscape design quickly with the help of an online garden planner. The Garden Time free gardening app from Burpee is the absolute online tool to help DIY gardeners plan when to sow, transplant and harvest vegetables and herbs specific to their garden landscape region. The garden app spontaneously generates a task list to alert the user when their next sow or transplant date arrives. Included within the free app software is a full database of plants, local weather, and links to how-to gardening videos. This free online garden design tools works on smartphone and tablet devices.

It is easy to visualize and then maintain your small backyard design with up-to-date information as the garden plantings change and grow from season to season. If you are more adventurous, there are both landscape design software download options and programs with more advanced graphical interfaces that can be downloaded for a trial period ranging from one week to one month. Some landscape plan software includes an aging feature that projects plant growth; a shadow casting feature indicating where shadows will fall throughout the day and the changing seasons; and a cost estimate and material list generator. Author: Charles LeSure


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