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Thinking that a backyard landscape of perennials, biennials or annuals exclusively will make an outdoor project less time consuming, is foolhardy. For one thing each class of plants has in it flowers which cannot be spared from the garden without a distinct loss; for another, all landscape gardens require care and it is nonsense to expect that anything can be put into the ground and forgotten, and yet go on doing its work up to the standard which only care will maintain.



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Anyone can devise a backyard design with bright vivid colors and realistic flowering plant and green foliage images. But today you can create a landscape design online plus generate a maintenance schedule with one of the many top download backyard landscape design tools. If you have a tablet or smartphone you are essentially walking around with a small-scale computer in your pocket; and with this application capability, it is easy to take control of your backyard design instantly.

Online Landscaping with Better Homes & Gardens

Landscaping Design image from onlineHowever your backyard garden grows, it should have as its leading perennials iris, peonies, larkspurs (delphinium); lilies (lilium), and pyrethrums. Among the biennials, foxgloves, (digitalis) and Canterbury bells, (campanulas), and perhaps Sweet Williams or pinks, if there is room. Then, of annuals, it would seem necessary to have stocks, poppies, snapdragons (these are not truly annuals but are treated as such, to get the best blooms), asters or dahlias—the latter only if there were a great deal of space—petunias, and zinnias, these to be in one color only, never in mixture. And if you are carrying out a color scheme in your backyard landscape design there may be others that you will need; ageratum, if it is a blue garden, for example. The Better Homes and Gardens landscape design online software includes a free online garden planner where you can create a backyard flowerbed layout while sitting at your computer – no need to open your wallet or pick up a shovel. This easy online landscaping software lets you sketch out flowerbeds to create a colorful sanctuary in your own outdoor space.

The matter of combining various flowering plants and shrubs is of course what decides how your backyard garden will grow. The right combination will make it all that you want it; while the wrong groupings will leave the flowerbeds as badly off as ever, with many bare spots and opportunities for regret. Landscape design online software and apps are vital in visualizing your backyard landscape plan before investing hard work and money.



Free trial landscape software products are available for homeowners and professionals to download featuring powerful 3D visuals. Perennials, being perennials and therefore permanent and important, must have their places decided upon first, and the other material must group around these— or up to them, as you choose to put it. But the two biennials chosen are quite as worthy of honor as any of the permanent flowers; so these must have their positions established accordingly. Landscape designs online will help visualize a present and future plan.

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Remember to make your backyard landscaping ideas harmonious. Consider carefully the heights of the plants, the colors of their flowers, and whether they come under the perennial, annual or biennial class. The tallest plants, whether perennial, annual or biennial, must take the back seats in the layout. These are all important points which, properly considered, have much to do with ultimate success of the backyard garden. With some landscape design tools, such as Realtime Landscaping Photo by Idea Spectrum you can take a picture of your property or yard directly on top for a "before and after" photo-realistic effect. When finalizing a backyard flowerbed project, there is nothing more powerful than a detailed 3D representation of the small yard landscape design online.

Plants best arranged in clumps are the iris, peonies, phlox, pyrethrums, poppies, stocks, asters, zinnias and campanulas. The others lend themselves better to rows or masses in long lines, although even such arrangement should be varied by portions more thickly massed, unless the general scheme is distinctly formal. Do not feel that the tallest plants must be absolutely confined to the background; generally speaking, they must of course be massed there, in order for lower growing things to be seen. But a delphinium or a foxglove may be permitted to invade the front ranks now and then with a natural irregularity, to make a sharp clear note in the composition. The Garden Plan Pro gardening app by Growing Interactive has an adaptable landscape design online capability, working with any shape of garden, raised beds, rows or containers. It is easy to add single plants, rows, blocks or squares to visualize online how many plants fit and effortlessly rearrange the flowers until achieving the perfect layout.


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In planning your backyard landscape with color as a guide, delphiniums and campanulas in close proximity are exquisite, providing it is the pink form you are using. Otherwise keep them well apart, for their blues do not enhance each other's value, and in white they offer no special color novelty with blue. The pink and blue combination, however, is one of the loveliest things you can arrange for in the garden. Iris in almost any of its colors combines well with peonies, and the character of the two plants is an excellent foil one for the other.

The low-growing iris make an edging that is very effective for a long border, and their lance-like leaves are decorative even when there are no blossoms. To achieve this look with online landscaping design, a large flower plant database and calendar will help you identify what you would like to plant and when to plant it. iGarden - Gardening Helper gardening app by NanoSoft can guide you in online landscaping with a smartphone or tablet towards the best planting procedures for each type of plant in your garden and advise you of the best planting dates for each USA climate zone.


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landscaping design online tools and apps for tablets and smartphones.
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