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The art of landscape gardening requires the use of select principles in the creation of a beautiful outdoor space. Whether it be an estate, neighborhood development or small cottage, thought and planning are the first step in producing a picturesque garden scene.



Even a small backyard garden design is worthy of thought and study just as is any larger landscaping layout. As the small yard is simply a landscape in miniature, the same principles are relevant in its successful development. Superior designed landscape borders are a noticeable outdoor design element, therefore a necessary inclusion in any landscape garden environment. You can commence the design of eye-catching landscape edging by utilizing free landscape design software.

The central principles to be followed in designing lawn edging is the value of unity and simplicity in your overall landscaping design. An exceptionally designed landscape border edging is a noticeable asset that will dramatically enhance any home landscape environment. Any lawn edging designs or bit of landscape edging must exhibit unity as a primary necessity. The garden edging must appear to the eye as a restful single mass of natural planting, well-proportioned and beautiful in form, color and texture. It must display just enough variety to make the outdoor landscape a balanced whole.


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Landscape edging borders should not be a stiff monotonous hedge of only one variety in the backyard landscape design. Neither should the edging border be a jumbled collection of fifty-one varieties of plants, perhaps each in itself beautiful, but when thrown in a cluster together, staggeringly clashing. Landscape edging should convey an impression of unity, simplicity and yet variety, although it is not necessary to plant numerous selections of shrubs to make the garden composition complete.


Better Homes and Gardens free garden planner for backyard designs.



Upon examination, how many backyard landscape designs are truly harmonious? How many have neat landscaping borders that can be related to the art of garden design? Most landscape edging ideas feature a straight hedge or two with little more interest than the monotonous green of traditional evergreen shrubs. The Better Homes and Gardens online garden planner lets you sketch out your favorite lawn and garden edging ideas while displaying the form, skyline, foreground, blending of the foliage textures, and their unison with the lawn.


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A variety of lawn edging shrubs can be introduced in a garden border such as Persian lilac, common lilac, Japanese barberry, Regel's privet, fragrant sumac, English privet and bush honeysuckle. How to install edging is important although all these shrubs are hardy and widely adapted as to growing region and can be classed as exceptional shrubs for the small landscape garden. Better Homes and Gardens free landscape design software includes a library of trees, plantings and shrubs that can be organized on a computer or tablet, then saved for future reference or printed out. The drag and drop feature of the garden planner allows for the inclusion of garden structures such as decks, patios and sheds in your landscape design plan.


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Landscape edging border ideas illustrate the essential elements in the art of planting a manicured lawn design. In designing or laying out the lawn edging, mere planting alone will not be sufficient. It is easy enough to set out a row of plants according to the instruction tag, but it is another matter to create a real picture of landscaping borders. In actual practice, the success of such planting depends upon the knowledge of the plant materials, their texture, their form, seasonal bloom, color of flowers, summer and autumn foliage, winter appearance, etc. Such knowledge is essential to the creation of an outdoor living space, whether in the form of formal garden estates or in the backyard garden.


Whether you are a landscape architect or a weekend gardener, there is landscape design software made for you. The Audubon mobile field guide is a popular software app where garden devotees can observe, identify, and share their observations and pictures of trees, plants and flowers. Detailed data for 728 species with comprehensive descriptions of every species, with authoritative information on appearance and habitat are featured in this horticultural app.


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Generally speaking, in a lawn edging border the grouping of several shrubs of each species is more effective than scattering the individual plantings randomly. Accumulative landscaping effects are preferable to the spotty appearance produced by indiscriminate arrangements. With the inclusion of casual bunches of hardy garden flowers in your landscape edging, a lush lawn design is framed for the homeowner. Color and form are two attributes which determine the position a flower may occupy to best advantage in the landscape edging, and of these, color is perhaps the most important.

A flower color which is to be observed from a distance must have carrying-power. This is dependent upon intensity and value, and to some extent upon hue. More attention can be developed in such a landscape border when flowers with a pleasing fragrance are chosen. The Purdue Perennial Doctor gardening app can help identify and manage the appropriate sweet-scented flowers for lawn edging designs. Gardeners can search for information by flower or by pest to maintain the growth of their landscape border design. The garden perennial app features assistance in managing over 150 flower problems on over 100 kinds of flowers.


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