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When spring is near, the backyard gardener and landscape do-it-yourselfer can almost smell it. This is the time to dream and plan with landscape software. 3D landscape design software and apps will help you plan a yard full of shrubs, trees, patios and walkways, each design in three dimension. There are many landscaping design programs available, each with a variety of options and some rather costly. Choose from reviews of top landscaping software available for free.



Top Landscape Software and Apps for Landscaping
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2020 Online Landscape Design Tools

If you are only a weekend gardener just preparing a garden walkway paving design, you might not be able to justify the expense. But, did you know that there are also several landscape design software free options available online? Plan your new great backyard designs with the top 2020 landscape design program free download. The internet is now a one-stop shop where you can get anything and everything you are looking for, including a free landscape software download.


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To learn how to design a landscape, there are both free software download options and programs with more advanced graphical interfaces that can be downloaded for a trial period ranging from one week to one month. Some landscaping design programs include an aging feature that illustrates plant growth; a shadow casting feature indicating where shadows will fall throughout the day and the changing seasons; and a cost estimate and material list generator.


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In creating your home’s outdoor space, select from the palette of plants that thrive in your climate and soil. Moreover, do not ignore non-plant elements in your new 2020 landscape design. Walkways, walls and fences, benches, decks and patio design, and edging materials such as rocks and bricks are an integral part of a yard’s aesthetics. If you want to take your outdoor design to the next level then you definitely should consider an all-inclusive landscaping design program like 3D Landscape for Everyone, and take advantage of their free trial download offer.


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While there are plenty of landscape design software options available on the market, such as Punch! Home & Landscape Design or Realtime Landscaping Plus, they can be quite expensive. Features could include 3D rendering, animation, photographs, video, templates, material lists, with a reference section to teach landscaping principles and techniques. For elaborate backyard design projects like Japanese gardens or a Japanese landscape, this landscaping software is essential. Now you can design your new backyard patio and deck design with the top 2020 landscape design software free download. Illustrating your outdoor layout and backyard patio project with clear and precise designs and landscape pictures helps to imagine the best landscape format for your design space.


#1) Realtime Landscaping Plus

Realtime Landscaping Plus Best 2020 landscape design software download for patio design and deck design.Realtime Landscaping Plus is a popular 2020 landscape design software product featuring both 3D and photo-based realistic landscape designs and a top free download. This landscape program is one of several products by Idea Spectrum. Idea Spectrum Inc ( provides four home and garden products for both the professional and DIY homeowner. Realtime Landscaping Plus is designed for both homeowners and beginner landscape designers, while Realtime Landscaping Architect targets professional landscape designers. It is easy to visualize outdoor deck designs, stone patio layouts, garden and backyard fencing and more. Users of the free trial download can choose from a library of over 10,400 objects, including more than 5,100 high quality plants. This landscape design software is free to try with limited objects and a watermark on output. Although the more expensive full version landscaping design program will have a state of the art graphical interface with 3D capabilities; but not all these costly features are needed to produce an impressive backyard design.


#2) VizTerra Landscape Design Software
3D Hardscape and Landscape Design Software for Patio Design

VizTerra is a professional 3D hardscape and landscape design software created by Structure Studios. Now it is possible to convert your entire landscape design process with state of the art real time 3D landscape design software. Let loose your backyard layout in Instant 3D Design in 2D and instantly present in professional, realistic 3D all in real time with the click of a button. For professional landscape designers, VizTerra landscape design software immediately converts your flat lines and shapes into a fully interactive professional site presentation quickly engaging your clients with the punch of every detail of your landscaping design. To get the most bloom for your buck, take advantage of a free trial download of VizTerra, a powerful landscape design program. This landscape design software is free to try but with limited functionality.

To take advantage of the numerous professional 3D landscape design features that will save time and increase your profits with a punch, the full feature landscape program is about $95.00 to buy. Although you could discover that the VizTerra basic landscape design software free download can lack the features you realized you need, beginning here you can make an informed decision to purchase the full-feature landscape software.


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#3) TurboFloorPlan Landscape Deluxe Design Software

The most beneficial software package for the average landscape do-it-yourselfer would offer the best balance of outdoor design features such as patio and deck design and plant information. The TurboFloorPlan 3D Home & Landscape Deluxe by IMSI/Design ( is a top free download on cnet and offers hundreds of new symbols content, which when added to the thousands of easy drag-and-drop content already available, including over 10,000 trees, shrubs, flowers, & vegetation, makes for an all-inclusive home and landscape design software product. Featured are professionally designed templates, video training, and thousands of drag & drop symbols plus easy to use 2D/3D home design tools to plan all phases of your dream home and yard. Discover the powerful, professional 3D landscape design solution that will effortlessly streamline design, presentation and construction with one software download. Landscape with decks, fences, pathways, lawns, and gardens complete with irrigation. IMSI/Design offers a free 15-day trial landscape software download so you can begin to transform your entire landscape design process with state of the art real time 3D landscape design software.


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After reviewing your options in 2020 top free 3D landscape software, it is time to decide if the inspirational ideas and outdoor living plans you envision are feasible for part-time landscape design do-it-yourselfer, or should you consult a landscape professional? If you decide to tackle your landscaping yourself with free landscape software download, the next step is to measure your property to create your yard plan on the computer. Insert all existing structures and vegetation. Note which trees or views you especially want to preserve. For sources of design inspiration, consult gardening books, attend garden shows, or search through online garden magazines.  An important task is to walk through neighboring developments and take note of what plants in neighbors’ yards appeal to you since they will probably thrive in your soil also.


Top 2020 landscape design software app for Dirrs tree and shrub finder.Best Landscaping App

In producing an outdoor landscape plan, knowledge of plants and the different effects that can be delivered with their placement is necessary for a successful long-term outcome. It is important to select only plants that fit your growing region, to choose between perennials and annuals, and to recognize which trees are evergreen or fruit trees. Once you create your wish list of shrubs, trees, perennials and annuals, it is time to form a layout design for your property.

Today you can develop a beautiful home landscape design with a landscaping app.  We found that the PRO Landscape Home App makes it fun to design your dream landscape. You start with a photo of your house, and effortlessly add photos of trees, shrubs, flowers, and more to create graphic designs of your landscape vision. Once your design is created, share it on Facebook or other social media sites, and find local garden centers or landscape contractors who can help you turn your design into reality. PRO Landscape Home App is accessible with many devices, such as iPad & iPhones, Android tablets & phones, plus Amazon Kindle Fire tablets & phones. The landscape app is free and offers in-app purchases.


Top Free Landscape Software and Apps


Top Landscape Software and Apps for Landscaping
landscaping design online tools and apps for tablets and smartphones.


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