How to Design a Backyard Landscape



For a DIY homeowner, a backyard landscape design is the first outdoor project undertaken after acquiring a home. But how to design a backyard landscape is a daunting venture for every homeowner. Landscape design software, a free download or paid for program, is a straightforward approach for planning. When beginning, first concentrate on the shape or outline of a small backyard. The best backyard landscaping design is one that is simple, free from severely angular corners, and any great irregularities.


For a charming backyard landscape design, consider thinning out overgrown treed areas, removing dead underbrush and replacing with colorful flower beds.



A residential landscape plan that contains many angles, or a very broken outline, is less capable of being made either useful or ornamental, plus requires a larger amount of fencing or landscaping foliage, (which is always expensive). Fences and landscaping plantings consume more ground, as well as throw a greater extent of shadow on the parts within them. Very narrow pieces of open yard are also to be avoided, as affording no scope for variety of landscaping plans, and presenting the hard boundary lines too prominently.


Free trials of landscape design software are available to visualize a backyard landscape design.


The best approaches to how to design a backyard landscape are unquestionably ones which are composed of appealing regular lines that bring the whole into a somewhat oblong figure, of which the greatest length is north and south, or nearly so, the length being about one-third greater than the breadth. Such a yard design is particularly adapted for the geometrical style of backyard landscaping. In a less formal landscape plan, some irregularity of outline might be preferable. If the southerly end of a yard design space be the broadest, this will be a decided value generally, as it will afford a wider range of view, and make the whole appear larger from the best windows of the house.


A slope that inclines to the southeast is sunnier, radiant, and better suited for the growth of plants than any other garden view.


Developing a landscaping plan with these factors in mind is not difficult if you utilize backyard landscape design software. Free trials of landscape design software with 3D capabilities are available for homeowners and professionals to see what their backyard landscape design ideas could look like without stepping foot outdoors. Numerous free downloads and commercial virtual landscaping products are accessible for testing which feature a wide variety of options including vast image databases to help you create your outdoor backyard space vision. A popular line of landscape design software products is offered by Idea Spectrum. Realtime Landscaping Pro is primarily geared toward homeowners or smaller landscape designers with advanced 3D design.


A popular line of landscape design software products is offered by Idea Spectrum.


A nearly triangular shaped backyard design, the narrow end of which is cut off and not drawn to a point, and the wider end maintaining a southerly aspect, will be a desirable shape for a small backyard landscape. If there sufficient space for the yard entrances on the northern side, the increased and expanding breadth at the southern end will be of pronounced value in an ornamental landscaping point of view. However, nothing could be more ill-fated than to have a yard plan gradually narrowing away on the best side of the house. Yet again, to feature a back yard design at all approaching to a triangle, with the narrow part fronting the key windows of the house, would be one of the worst that could be selected.

landscape design plan of house with detached garage


When creating a focal point in a backyard landscape plan, it is noteworthy to acknowledge that a slope that inclines to the southeast is unsurpassed for more than the majority of yard landscape design features. It is sunnier, radiant, and better suited for the growth of plants than any other garden view that can be selected. It is accurate that, in surveying an extensive landscaping design, nature’s influences are sometimes heightened and enhanced, and the observer is able to inspect details, when the sun is behind him and he can stand in the shade to scrutinize a splendidly illuminated outdoor scene. Every landscape designing feature consequently becomes more distinct; the eye is not stressed or dazzled; and the outdoor atmosphere is rendered clearer. But the benefit attained by these effects would never compensate for the great disadvantages of a northerly aspect; nonetheless, they can frequently be appreciated from the entrance front of a house, without any forfeit of aspect.

landscape design plan of house with detached garage and vegetable garden


To effectively create a home backyard landscape design that is thoroughly inviting and useful, it should not be deprived of outdoor shelter; and where this exists naturally or is already provided, the setting will be all the more suitable as the site for a landscaped backyard. If a prominent range of hills extend along the north, northeast, and northwest sides of a home plot, and at no great distance from it, the landscaped backyard plot will be well-sheltered. No position could be warmer or more promising than one on the slope or at a short distance from the base of such a range of hills. They will ward off all unmanageable winds without intervening with the action of the sun at any time of the day or during any part of the year.


To effectively create a home backyard landscape design that is thoroughly inviting and useful, it should not be deprived of outdoor shelter.


Quantities of well-grown trees on the same sides of a yard landscape would be a unique substitute for hills, and may occasionally be more pleasant and agreeable. Farmhouse acreage is always highly effective in positioning masses of trees for shelter, and it is a positive advantage to come across them already on the property. Separately of shelter, however, if trees have not been sapped and damaged by neglect, there can hardly be too many trees on any home back yard landscape. It is straightforward to thin out overgrown woods areas and remove dead underbrush. Large established or aged trees and shrubs are also valuable in abolishing all semblance of newness or immaturity in a backyard landscape, in giving an appearance of landscape development and cultivation, in screening maintenance structures such as shed and air conditioners, and in furnishing an enhanced amount of pleasant shade.

landscape design plan of house with vegetable garden

On the whole, the best tactic to how to design a backyard landscape is an approach that requires the least quantity of fencing or hedging, a design which provides sufficient room for access on the entrance front and which widens out towards the extreme verge on the best side of the house. A design with these features will successfully deliver a greater breadth and variety of livable outdoor space with abundant light and air. A garden planted in a poor yard location without positive landscaping features is rarely pleasant. The garden and outdoor living space will frequently be damp and cold; the stone walkways mossy, and the plants unhealthy. When lacking ample light and shade, flowers and foliage will not grow exceptionally; nor will fruit trees be plentiful. In effect, with an inferior backyard landscape plan, the beauty of a small garden and the enjoyment it yields, will be greatly diluted and tarnished.


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