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If we imagine our home landscape design as an extension of our house floor plan we shall find many parallels of arrangement which may well be developed. Let us imagine an average sort of house set down somewhere near the center of an average sort of lot. The size and shape of either will not make a noteworthy difference in how to design a landscape. Home landscape software, though, is essential in visualizing your outdoor space before investing hard work and money.



This is because the principal purpose of landscape planning is to find a practical and artistic method of making the yard surrounding our houses truly livable, no matter the size. You can begin to design your yard with landscape design software free because a successful outdoor design will enhance the beauty of a home site while also disguising its flaws. In order to successfully merge the house and landscaping designs, first consider the outside walls of the house not so much as outside walls, but rather as partitions separating the rooms within the house from another series of outdoor rooms and living areas that extend right up to the boundary line of the property on every side.


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In other words, let us imagine the house blueprint itself to be merely the nucleus of a floor plan that will cover the entire lot. Using home and landscape design 3D software, such as Punch! Home Design and Landscape Pro, you can plan your ideal home landscape to the last detail so far as trees, shrubs, flowers, walkways, fences, outdoor structures, and the like are concerned. Punch! Software has consistently been the best-selling home landscaping design software used by the DIY homeowner for over ten years.



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Home Landscape SoftwareWith landscape design online designs, every DIY homeowner can create anything from a simple cottage garden plan to straightforward deck blueprint style diagrams to multidimensional computer models—quick and easy. Landscape design how to with home landscape software is fast, fun, and easy to experiment with a great variety of possibilities without a lot of redrawing. With a 3D landscaping software program, you begin to layout an open-air floor plan that surrounds that of the house with figurative outdoor rooms and hallways, possibly some steps, and doorways and windows. The rooms outside will have their counterpart to those within; the flower garden corresponding to the living room, the vegetable garden to the kitchen, the tennis or basketball courts to the playroom, the lawn or grove to a quiet library, and the drives and garden paving to the hallways. Of course, it is considerably more difficult to layout such a series of outdoor rooms on a home lot with an irregular surface than it would be on a perfectly level area.

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Landscape Planning Computer RenderingMoreover, with home landscape design you need to understand how to design a landscape and identify already established trees and bits of water here and there, all of which either must be incorporated in the scheme or removed from the scene. But all these seeming disadvantages can be cleverly handled with the help of home landscape software as you heighten the charm of your home outdoor space. Moreover, some landscape planning software provides an actual photographic view of what your house will look like with a garden paving and shrubs, etc.—now and ten years from now, after the shrubs have grown. You can scan in a photograph of your own house, and the program does the rest. On the other hand, other home software suites use computer graphics instead of photos for a surreal 3D landscape.


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The landscaping design and layout functions of some home landscape design programs may take a weekend or more to master unless you are already familiar with landscape planning. But the two dimensional layouts make it easy to plan a course of action or to direct hired professionals who actually plant your masterpiece. Most programs also provide a plant growth simulator so you can also envision whether the plants you choose will grow so big that they will overwhelm the house in a few years.

If you are only a weekend gardener preparing a vegetable garden or walkway paving designs, you might not be able to justify the expense of a full feature design program. But, did you know that there are also several landscape design software free trial options available online with just enough features for a small project.


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