Hardscape - Design with the Top Popular Hardscape Features (Photos)

hardscape features and design ideas




"Gardens are not made by singing 'Oh, how beautiful,' and sitting in the shade."
Rudyard Kipling



In designing your outdoor living space look past the trees, shrubs, and garden beds and begin to plan your hardscape. Hardscape features are the paths, fences, steps, edging, patios, decks, pool designs, and other "hard” components added to the environmental elements provided by nature. Hardscape design features have changed the way summer is spent by creating comfortable and functioning outdoor living spaces. There are countless hardscape designs to consider, from a deck, to an outdoor gazebo, or a patio with a fireplace or water fountain; moreover, all can be planned with free landscaping software.


hardscape paver designs

Garden paving is one of the most popular hardscape features in landscape design. A variety of paving designs for stone paving or brick garden walkways are pictured. Flagstone or stone pavers are generally the most preferable material in hardscaping a path, as it harmonizes more readily than any other, both in color and texture, with the foliage of the garden.


hardscape design with outdoor water fountain

The backyard fountain never fails to convey a delightful impression of coolness as it gurgles and murmurs on its way. Surely there is nothing that gives to the garden hardscape a more picturesque charm than a stone water fountain, standing like a spot of color in a vivid setting of bright flowering plants. Find ideas and pictures of outdoor water fountains.


japanese stones for landscape gardening

There are several types of Japanese landscape stones for hardscaping. The Guardian Stone is a high stone and placed in an upright position. The combination of the Guardian Stone and the Worshipping Stone is never omitted from a Japanese garden landscape. The Perfect View Stone is placed near the foreground of the landscape garden.




Outdoor structures and covered enclosures such as pergolas and gazebos are time-honored hardscape features.
Patio stones and pavers can transform backyard landscapes into beautiful dreamscapes.
The rocky bank provides the most straightforward opportunity to design a rock garden.
A popular hardscape feature is a retaining wall which can prevent erosion and create a beautiful, terraced landscape.
A garden statue, quaint white garden gate, and stone pavers are hardscape elements that transformed this lush small garden.
garden benches teach wood

Principal materials for garden benches as a hardscape feature are stone, marble, wrought iron, terra cotta or wood. The least expensive and most popular of any of the materials for outdoor seating is wood. Stone benches are popular for hardscaping in formal gardens, providing a proper medium to reflect upon an elegant manicured landscape.


rock gardens

Many homeowners are adding a rock garden to their backyard landscape, not just because it gives an interesting physical variety to the space, but because this hardscape feature provides an opportunity for the development of of interesting groups of plants. The size of a rock garden hardscape design will vary according to the features your home landscape.



When it comes to relaxing or entertaining outdoors, what could be a better backyard hideaway than a charming gazebo or quaint summer house? Whether it's positioned on a hill overseeing a garden or situated by a pool, this hardscape feature can become an eye-catching element of your landscape and comfortable spot where you can enjoy the outdoors.