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Home Design 3D SoftwareWith more than 3 million units of its Mac and Windows products sold via retail stores across the world, Punch! Software has consistently been the best-selling home and landscape design software used by the DIY home remodeler for over ten years. Punch! Software was founded in 1998 with the premise that 3D design software should be as fun to use as it is productive.



The user friendly directions explain how to create a usable plan with a 3D home design program. The company excels in providing highly productive, but very affordable, home design 3D software that appeal to 3D design hobbyist and professional users. Other products developed and marketed by Punch! Software include: ViaCAD 2D/3D, Shark, Professional Home Design Suite, Home Design Architectural Series, Deck & Patio Designer and Interior Design Suite. 


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Home and Landscape Design StudioEasy to Use Design Tools

Home and Landscape Design Studio includes information on energy efficiency for the 21st century homeowner. This next generation of home design 3D software features new features such as a QuickStart system to allow a user to build a home quickly, "Going Green" services which offer a wealth of information to help you build more energy efficient with just the click of a button, and a completely new and updated object library for more realistic 3D modeling. The software is built to help users save time with design tools. One of the best features of Punch! software has been the ability to build a 2D plan and review it in 3D instantly. Home and Landscape Design Studio takes this 3D design ability to the next level and makes it easier to use than ever before.



Room Design Software

Room Design SoftwareSimply open the 3D software on your screen and immediately begin to drag whole rooms into place. Resize all rooms appropriately and complete the process. Users can instantly see their design in 3D and walk around or fly through their model. Check out the video on the Punch! Software website showing how to build a home in 59 seconds. With 3D room design software, you will discover that it is not so much the selection of furniture featured in your decorating space, but rather what is done with the furnishings in the finished room. While Punch! software QuickStart gets you designing and building a dream home in minimal time, the list of features in a 3D home design app will allow users to customize every detail. The best 3D home design app includes video tutorials of over 100 minutes of live video directly in the software to help users be productive right out of the box.

Home and Landscape Design

The intelligent room detection of Punch Smart Rooms gives complete automation that changes when the size or shape of the design changes, including the roof! The speed and performance enhancements have up to a 26 times faster rendering speed than this 3d home design software competitors for quick, smooth 3D views of your changes. The LogiCursor is an intelligent cursor that helps users quickly snap and align objects and walls, while the photo-realistic cabinets, doors, and outdoor items make designs more realistic than ever before. Home and Landscape Design Studio also features Auto Roof Generation in which roofing is generated automatically and can be easily modified. The expanded library of 3D objects, including home theatre items, brings a design to life.


Punch! software includes Google SketchUp support with access to millions of objects that can be imported into Punch! designs.

Punch! software includes Google SketchUp support  with access to millions of objects that can be imported into Punch! designs. Support Services allows you to quickly locate support information through FAQ or contact support professionals by phone or email. Once a user is done with their unique home design, Punch! printing services allows the user to order a print of the floor plan and have it delivered directly to their door, plus provides a search service to locate local contractors who can help turn a good interior design software project into reality. With Punch! Home and Landscape Design Suite, users are able to quickly create a dream home.