Retro Fridge - Add Color & Style to a Retro Kitchen   



This Big Chill retro fridge combines the iconic look of a 50’s beach party film with the amenities of modern-day appliances. First generation of post-World War II baby boomers who reached adolescence in the late 50s / early 60s will remember this classic and fun retro fridge. The retro styling offers a “hip” two-tone paint job available in eight different hues. It has an ice-maker, water dispenser, and self-defrost.




retro fridge beach cruiser by Big Chill


Big Chill, maker of the iconic Retro Fridge, invites you to welcome a relaxing and charming coastal feeling into your kitchen all year round with a beautifully-styled retro appliance - create an outstanding retro kitchen with the iconic Beach Cruiser authentic retro fridge design.

A coastal color palette is one that creates a serene oasis in the home. From the bright blues and greens of accent pillows to gray and white hand-scraped hardwood, there are an array of ways to make your home look like a beach house, no matter the location. Add a few small touches like beach glass in a candleholder or a picture frame made out of driftwood, and your home is ready for summer all year long. Mix Old and New: Combine contemporary dining room chairs with a rustic wooden farm table. Vintage lighting can give a room coastal personality.

Don’t forget the kitchen, the heart of the home, when changing up the look of your home. Big Chill’s unique retro refrigerator is created with a stamped metal body, stunning chrome trim and an authentic metal pivoting handle.

This collection of retro refrigerators are available in eight colors plus 200 custom colors, Beach Blue, Jadite Green and White invoke the fresh colors of the waves and sky, while Buttercup Yellow channels the sun on a warm day. Add beach cottage elements to complement the kitchen’s retro fridge with weathered finds -- antique knickknacks and well-worn furniture can give any kitchen a cozy, rustic charm.

The retro fridges will create a fun retro kitchen look and come in both an original size and studio size, Big Chill’s Retro Fridges do more than just look good. They come with a temperature management system, automatic moisture control, are frost free and Energy Star efficient. For more information visit

[Photo credit: Big Chill maker of the iconic Retro Fridge.]