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The Octave double-equal and large/medium kitchen sinks made of premium Kohler stainless steel are an alternative to the apron front sinks style for a farmhouse kitchen. To take advantage of its unique kitchen sink design, mount beneath the counter and pair with solid-surface countertop materials like granite and marble. Under-mount installation highlights the curved contours of the sink bowl and makes counter cleanup a breeze.





kohler octave kitchen sinks for farmhouse kitchen


The unique shape of the Kohler Octave kitchen sinks double bowls curving back around the faucet is not just a fresh take on the traditional design, it creates a more spacious sink. Combined with a depth of 9 inches, the sink easily accommodates large pots and pans and minimizes splashing. The space benefits gained from this innovative design are substantial. Basin shapes that differ from the norm enhance the aesthetics of a vintage or farmhouse style kitchen, especially when installed in non-traditional cabinetry as shown above. Kohler Octave kitchen sinks larger basin space and included accessories add a lot of functionality to the sink and this sink bundle takes the guesswork out of purchasing accessories. It provides a high-quality product that looks amazing and will last for many years at a truly great price.

The accessories bundle includes stainless steel bottom basin racks to prevent scratches on the sink's surface and allow the sink to drain while items are placed in the basin. Innovative wheels positioned on the side of the rack instead of feet make for a tight fit to provide stability and eliminate debris build-up. They are removable, dishwasher-safe, and replaceable. The top-mount sinks includes one basin rack, the under-counter models two. Moreover, a vintage style stainless steel sponge caddy is included that sits securely on the saddle of the sink to keep sponges, brushes and other cleaning tools in easy reach. The Octave kitchen sinks are available in either top-mount or under-counter installation models. The sinks are constructed of 18-gauge stainless steel and feature Silent Shield sound deadening technology to reduce the noise from the garbage disposal or dishes that touch the sink surface.

[Photo credit: Octave under-mount kitchen sink from Kohler]