Farmhouse Kitchen Pictures (5 of 16) – Vintage Storage Ideas   



Vintage kitchen accessories create useful cooking spaces with clever ideas for kitchen storage and kitchen organization like storage canisters and stacking bowls.

vintage and antique kitchen storage


Revamping kitchen storage elements is a great way to incorporate charming accents into your farmhouse style kitchen while maximizing the functionality of the space. Store flour, sugar and other dry goods in decorative metal or glass canisters keeping within the warm farmhouse theme. If mason jars and other traditional canning containers are not your style, consider beautiful brightly colored antique and vintage pottery pieces to incorporate the same provincial look into your farmhouse kitchen.


kitchen storage ideas


Search flea markets and antique shops for large containers to re-purpose as disguises for unsightly small appliances such as toasters or blenders. Vintage tin containers or wooden milk crates are fabulous for this purpose. The options are absolutely endless, so let your imagination run wild.