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An appealing feature of a farmhouse kitchen is a gorgeous display of perfectly-organized open shelving. Door-less kitchen cabinets or stacked wall shelving is a charming way to display kitchen storage as well as décor. Closed cabinetry below countertops can be used for storing food and cooking equipment.




farmhouse kitchen cabinets


On the traditional farm, family meals were generally consumed in the kitchen rather than the more opulent dining room of city houses, requiring that the farmhouse kitchen was a large and cheerful place. Moreover, farm hands often joined the family for meals therefore the furnishings, such as the farmhouse table, were large enough to accommodate a sizable group on short notice. Many of these old eat-in kitchens featured wainscoting, open shelving, plate rails, and glass door cabinets.

It is not difficult to recreate a farmhouse kitchen atmosphere; simple features can be inserted in a plain kitchen with stock moldings and paint. An open-shelving look is quickly accomplished by removing cabinet doors and lining or painting the interior space in a country-like color or print. This trendy look provides easy access to storage and a way to display dinnerware collections.

If you are a little wary of the dust and grime that accumulates in an active kitchen, consider a combination of cabinets and open shelving. When designing the farmhouse kitchen with the cabinet-free look, consider displaying plates, bowls, and glasses on the shelves that you use regularly, therefore wash often. This eliminates the build-up of dust, the obvious negative of door-less kitchen cabinetry.