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A tin backsplash introduces textural interest to a farmhouse kitchen and fits any decor style – from modern to funky retro, and Victorian to farmhouse style kitchen. Armstrong's Metallaire™ tin backsplash comes in 5 beautiful designs in stainless steel panels measuring 18-1/2" x 48-1/2". More info here.

farmhouse kitchen backsplash of tin panels


The easiest way to instantly bring the look of a farmhouse kitchen to your drab and outdated space is through a unique backsplash. This quick weekend project can be completed in just a few hours, but can transform the look and feel of a space dramatically. Select imaginative materials and designs that embody the farmhouse style kitchen. For example, stamped tin panels are an extremely popular option for farmhouse kitchens. Not only does this create a high-end quaint look, but the material is fairly inexpensive and stands up well to the grease and grime of cooking.

You can easily install a tin backsplash in just a few hours with adhesive and metal shears or tin snips by following these complete video installation instructions provided by Armstrong. For a more sophisticated look, consider a tiled backsplash in rich blue and white designs. Incorporate decorative tile in a toile pattern featuring provincial scenes for a beautiful statement piece.

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