Farmhouse Kitchen Pictures (7 of 16) - Copper Pots and Pans  



Farmhouse style kitchens tend to emphasis natural materials, down-to-earth design, and cooking spaces that can house large gatherings. Cooking tools, appliances and storage are also important aspects of a farmhouse kitchen design. When looking at kitchen pictures of farmhouse kitchens, whether American farmhouse or French Country style, you almost always find a hanging pot rack for copper pots and pans.




decorating with copper pots and pans


The locations for hanging copper pots and pans vary; some pot racks are hung on walls with shelves and many are arranged over a kitchen island. Featured here are a grouping of copper pots (and copper cake pans and molds) attached on a classic subway tile wall. A gleaming lineup of hanging pots will illustrates the many styles and finishes available in copper pots and pans.


hanging copper pots and pans

If you are one who avoids functionless décor in your kitchen, a pot rack is both decorative and useful in a farmhouse style kitchen. This concept seamlessly combines kitchen décor with smart kitchen organization design. Copper pots are a staple of the French Country farmhouse style kitchen and pot racks are an easy method to achieve stylish kitchen organization. 



Copper has been used in building and home décor for several thousand years. Copper takes on different colors when heated and over time, the surface acquires a patina. Decorating ideas with copper cookware are limitless given its unique beauty, it is versatile enough to be used as decoration in any household, but never more so than a farmhouse kitchen. Accessories like copper pots and pans, cookware, containers and other storage pieces reflect a countrified, down-home farmhouse theme.