How to Create a Shabby Chic Bathroom

The popular and affordable shabby chic look is a mismatch of styles and products.

When it comes to the bathroom many tend to overlook the space, and fail to decorate elaborately in what is the smallest room in a house. Often not much thought goes into the décor for this space. But what many do not take into consideration is that the bathroom is perhaps the second most used room in a home, if not the most used area. A cozy shabby chic bathroom with vintage charm will surely make this a welcoming space!

Paint and Decals Quickly Add Charm

wall decals

 Antique Irons Wall Pattern Decal – $48.00  from: Layla Grayce & Zinc Door

The absolute opposite of a fitted bathroom, the shabby chic look is a mismatch of styles and products. To start your new shabby chic décor project, chose a light uplifting color for the bathroom walls. A seafoam blue, pale green, pink, or yellow is a great background for a shabby chic bathroom. Want to add pizazz to your walls? With wall decals from Layla Grayce you can quickly (and inexpensively) lend your bathroom a touch of wallpaper without the hassle, mess and permanence.

White may be an ideal base and is most often found in apartments and rentals, but can be bland if not paired up with color accents. Wall decals can introduce a rainbow of color instantly but can also be easily removed when it is time to move on. When going with white, you can also throw a splash of color on the walls through window and shower curtains in addition to bright shabby chic bath rugs on the floor to make sure that the room doesn’t just fade out.

Once your color has been chosen for the walls, it is time to decide on some shabby chic decorative accent pieces. Any furniture pieces placed in the room should have a “shabby” feel to them. Purchase pieces from thrift stores or garage sales and play them up yourself. Paint a piece white, and then using a small piece of sandpaper to give the furniture a worn look for that special shabby chic décor. By offering a worn look, the piece will begin to shine as a conversation piece.

Buy a Vintage Design Shower Curtain

shabby chic shower curtain
shabby chic shower curtain 
shabby chic shower curtain

shabby chic shower curtain
shabby chic shower curtain
shabby chic shower curtain  

If you don’t have the money to replace the bathroom fixtures, such as the sink, vanity, and tub, you can do quick changes to get your point across. Your shower curtains are one of the most important pieces for the room. These curtains take up a large part of the focal point of a bathroom, and there are many curtains that can fit perfectly for a shabby chic bathroom design. Ruffled curtains in light colors, with flowers or other shabby chic décor pieces are great. A great option is to feature one of the fabulous vintage design shower curtains offered at Café Press. These unique shower curtains shown above surpass any stock shower curtains offered in stores. Click each image for more details.

Another inexpensive change for a shabby chic bath is the mirror above the sink. Scuffed and worn (perfect for shabby chic) vintage mirrors can be purchased through thrift stores or garage sales at a fraction of the cost and all they need is a quick paint job or new frame. A gold framed mirror will quickly become a great focal point in a shabby chic bath.

Is there a shortage of counter and cabinet space in your bathroom? Consider using decorative boxes, fabric-lined baskets and other types of containers tucked away in empty corners of the room to hold bathroom essentials as shampoo, soap, and even towels. A collection of shimmering brass boxes to store bath salts, jewelry and other tiny trinkets can add a shabby chic vintage charm to your bathroom. Glass jars decorated with paint, ribbon and hot-glued jewels can hold Q-tips or cotton balls.

With these few and quick changes you can transform a boring and plain bathroom into a highlight of your home. This space can be transformed to an area that you actually do not mind going to, and with these few changes, this shabby chic decor space can offer a great uplifting feel every time you enter the room. You might want to go so far as to transform your entire home into a cozy shabby chic cottage!