Brass Chandeliers

Gas and electric brass chandeliers are beautiful for lighting a large room such as a dining room, parlor, living room or library. Artistic lamps and fixtures, such as Rochester Brass Chandeliers, were found in many stately homes. This picture shows an elaborate and handsome design for an extension chandelier in antique brass finish, designed for oil burning, which exhibits many decided merits from an artistic point of view. To own one of these exquisite antique brass chandeliers would be a prize for a collector of brass chandeliers.

Brass Chandeliers

Rochester Brass Chandeliers, c.1890


Brass ChandeliersBrass Chandeliers

Brass chandeliers are known for their ability to invoke a sense of grandeur and elegance, especially antique brass chandeliers which are unrivaled in conveying an aura of antiquity. People who want to try and recreate a turn-of-the century feel to their room would benefit most from purchasing vintage brass chandeliers that have an old look to them.

How to Shop for Vintage Brass Chandeliers


Antique Brass Chandeliers

Antique Brass ChandeliersAntique brass chandeliers have their own unique characteristics that cannot be copied by any of its kind. They have this tendency to feel more grand yet grounded. They also have this fragile nature but they will seemingly say that if you will use me, you will for sure have a great time.

Antique Brass Chandeliers Add Charm


Victorian Lighting

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