19th Century History

Necessity is the Mother of Invention
What do early 1900s dolls, parasols and an ice cream freezer have in common?

The Great Exhibition
Queen Victoria described the opening as “one of the greatest and most glorious days of our lives.



Alexandra, Princess of Wales
An intimate look at a 19th century princess.

19th Century American Paper Dolls
History of 19th century paper dolls in America beginning in the 1850s.

19th Century Christmas Card Publishers
Though the sending of greeting cards at Christmas began in Britain in the 1840s, it was not until 20 years later that the greeting card business was established.

Queen Victoria Revealed as Vivacious, Fond of Parties, and Prone to Flirting
For those fascinated with the Victorian era and Victorian costume with added special features including featurettes of Victoria’s wedding and coronation, plus a special look at the costumes and palace locations.

An Afternoon Tea
Bringing back an elegant pastime.


Victoria & Albert
A focus on Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s shared enthusiasm for art. Bringing together more than 400 items from the Royal Collection to celebrate the royal couple’s mutual delight in collecting and displaying works of art, from the time of their engagement in 1839 to the Prince’s untimely death in 1861.

19th Century Decorative Carpets & Area Rugs
Brief history of antique carpets and area rugs.

19th Century Advise to Civil War Soldiers
Advice to the inexperienced 19th century Civil War soldier in 1862.

Queen Victoria Facts
Explore this nineteenth century timeline of Queen Victoria's life ... short and personal.



19th Century French Posters
A 19th century article on antique and vintage French Posters by Arsene Alexandre illustrated by reproductions of posters by Steinlen, Bonnard, De Feure, Grasset, Forain, Willette and Chéret.

The Young Victoria
Pictures, bios, location information about the movie The Young Victoria.

Antique Furniture Glossary
A list and descriptions of furniture styles featuring 19th century antique furniture, Art Deco furniture, Art Nouveau furniture, and Arts and Crafts furniture.

Beyond Hearth & Home
The role of 19th century women in Uncle Tom's Cabin.

19th Century Bicycle Design 
Images of the history of the bicycle from 1816-1880.

19th Century Sea Islands Hurricane
In August 1893 a major hurricane struck the offshore barrier islands of Georgia and South Carolina.

The 1866-1871 Diaries and Letters of Maggie Royston
Story of a 19th century girl by author Heather Palmer.

Beyond the Fringe- Shawls of Paisley Design
Paisley shawls were in fashion from 1790-1870.

Cameos Through Time
The history of cameos.

Christmas Putz
A miniature landscape arranged at the foot of the Christmas tree.

Death of Prince Albert
Prince Consort of the British Queen Victoria, was one of the most outstanding men of the nineteenth century.

Emily Dickinson
Understanding the 19th Century Poet.

The First Christmas Card
The first Christmas card was designed in the 19th century and sent by John Calcott Horsley in 1843.

Fun In The Sun: Victorian Beaches  in the 19th Century
Atlantic City, with its beautiful beaches & luxurious hotels, became a popular summer resort.

A Gift for a 19th Century Princess
Tracing the provenance of an antique purse.

Halloween Myths
Halloween myths and Halloween games played in the 19th Century.

Harrison Fisher Prints 
Harrison Fisher, a great 19th century American illustrator, famous for his "Fisher Girl"; and, more specifically, his "American Girl".

The 19th Century History of the Canadian Asbestos Industry 
Abstracted from a paper read before the General Mining Association of Quebec in 1892.

History of the Fashionable Bathing Suit 
Follow the path of the fashionable bathing suit.

The History of Golf  
The history of the greatest game ever played, written by Henry Howland.

Golf Sports Prints - 1895  
Antique golf prints by A.B. Frost. Golf pictures of golf courses and golfing scenes from the late nineteenth century.

Victorian Golf Cartoons  
A series of Victorian golf pictures by famed 19th century sports illustrator, Arthur Burdett Frost, showing golfers on golf courses.

St. Andrew's Ladies' Golf Club  
In 1867, some members of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club, with an interest in providing recreation for their daughters, founded the St. Andrews Ladies' Golf Club.

History of  Lord & Taylor 
The history of the famous 19th century department store.

The House of Mourning - 19th Century Mourning and Funeral Customs
19th century funeral and mourning etiquette.

Is the Red Nose from the Corset or Liquor?
19th Century women and tight lacing.

The Horse Carriage 
Five styles of the horse carriage advertised in the 19th century.

Royal Houses
Explore the royal castles and estates occupied by Queen Victoria.

Native Americans & the U.S. Government
The U.S. government’s 19th century policies towards Native Americans in the second half of the nineteenth century were influenced by the desire to expand westward into territories occupied by these Indian tribes.

Queen Victoria’s Dog
During her secluded and quiet childhood at Kensington Palace, Dash, a black-and-tan spaniel, was her constant companion.

Queen Victoria's Not So "Victorian" Writings
19th century Queen Victoria's astonishing words about pregnancy, children, marriage and men.

Royal Robes of  Queen Alexandra
Auction catalog with descriptions of Queen Alexandra and Prince Edward's royal clothing.

The Royal Unmentionables
Queen Victoria's 19th century underwear.

19th Century Ladies' Golf Club  
In 1867, some members of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club, with an interest in providing recreation for their daughters, founded the St. Andrews Ladies' Golf Club.

Stereotyping of the Irish Immigrant in 19th Century Periodicals
The stereotyping of the Irish immigrant in contemporary cartoons during the 19th century.

To Gather Orange Blossoms
The history of 19th Century wedding custom of wearing orange blossoms.

Victorian Baby Carriages: The Golden Age of Carriages
W icker companies such as Heywood Brothers and the Wakefield Rattan Company, abounded in the 19th century making carriages to transport babies and toddlers. 

The Victorian Christmas Tree
Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria, decorated a large Christmas tree at Windsor Castle.

Victorian Gardening
The Victorian Garden- while gardening has been going on since Eden, it was during the 19th century that it became widely popular.

Valentine's Day Cards
If there is one card which attracts collectors' interests, its the three dimensional fold-out Victorian Valentine cards.

Women's Fashions 1825-1840
History of antique women's clothing from 1825 to 1840 by Heather Palmer.


Abigail Adams and Women's Rights  by Christine Haug
Fictional letter by Abigail Adams explaining to the Constitutional Convention of 1787 why women's rights should be included in the new Constitution. 

18th Century Holiday Traditions
Residents of 18th Century Williamsburg Observed Feast of the Nativity as a Holy Day.