Ghostly Plantation House Tours

Haunting tours offered at historic houses.

This unique tour of Edgewood, Berkeley and Shirley Plantations will give an insight of the spirits and mysteries of these three historic homes in Charles City, Virginia. Hear the haunting tales of the paranormal activities at each site on a progressive tour offered on October 4 and 13, 2014. 

Begin your tour at Shirley Plantation, home to the Hill Carter family for 11 generations. Shirley is haunted by the spirit of Martha Hill Gifford, known to the family as “Aunt Pratt”. Aunt Pratt creates a disturbance when her portrait is moved from the 1st floor bedroom. The family hears rocking sounds throughout the house until the portrait is returned. This mystery has continued for over 150 years in Shirley Plantation’s Great house.

You will then continue a short distance down Route 5 to Berkeley Plantation. Berkeley is the home of the Harrison family, a signer of the Declaration of Independence and U.S. president. In July 1745, during a violent storm, Benjamin Harrison IV, builder of Berkeley’s manor house, and two of his daughters were struck and killed by lightning while closing windows on the 2nd floor. Unexplained windows closing, footsteps, shadows and children peering out from the upper windows have been seen and heard by family, guests and Berkeley staff to this day.

Edgewood will then capture you with the tales of “Lizzy”. The tragic legacy of the Civil War is literally written into one of Edgewood’s window panes. Your heart will be touched for Elizabeth Lizzie Rowland, who etched her name on an upstairs bedroom window. She died of a broken heart after waiting in vain for her lover to return from the war. Legend has it – and many people believe – that she still waits for him, watching from her upstairs window. 

The tour begins at 3:30 p.m. at Shirley Plantation, continues to Berkeley and ends at Edgewood. Edgewood Bed & Breakfast Inn also offers charming guest rooms for those wanting to stay overnight. The cost for the Haunting Tales and Tour is $36.00 per person and reservations are required. To make reservations or for additional information call (804) 829-2962. Following the tour enjoy dinner at one of the unique restaurants in Charles City. Cul’s Courthouse Grille is offering a 10% discount with admission to the Haunting Tales and Tours.