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Fresher and readily available fruits and vegetables mean better living, better health, and more enjoyment. With a small vegetable garden, every family can furnish their own dinner table while also enjoying a needed outdoor entertainment. It is easy to plan ahead for your spring planting with the latest in vegetable garden planners and apps. When high-tech meets gardening with an iPad vegetable gardening app, it is simple to design the perfect vegetable garden plot.


Using your iPad and a top garden planning app is the easy way to plan vegetable garden beds, add plants and create the perfect layout for any garden space. Garden Plan Pro builds on the time-saving features of the award-winning Garden Planner, which has over 100,000 users worldwide. Using an extensive database of plants and weather stations it recommends the best planting dates for your area and can send email reminders of when to plant, based on your plans. Unlike other gardening apps, Garden Plan Pro works with any shape of garden or plot.


Garden Plan Pro

Garden Plan Pro Whether you plant in traditional rows, raised beds, or using the Square Foot Gardening method, it calculates exactly how many plants can fit into the space you have. Its intelligent features assist with crop rotation and make it simple to plan succession planting month-by-month to maximize your harvest. “Gardeners want to be able to walk around their garden or plot as they plan the crops they are going to grow,” says Jeremy Dore, creator of the original Garden Planner at “We realized that the iPad is perfect for taking notes in the garden, changing the layout of raised beds, or browsing Grow Guides for each plant.” Users of the desktop version can synchronize their plans with Garden Plan Pro, and plans can be shared with friends and family by email or on popular social networks. Garden Plan Pro is available on the AppStore™ for $9.99.


Design a Vegetable Garden

Such crops as Swiss chard and spinach, which can be cropped continuously, will require only a small amount of room. It is a common mistake to plant long rows of vegetables belonging to this class. The amount yielded is then much more than can be utilized. The same statement holds true in regard to lettuce and radishes. These crops should be used as fillers rather than given a large amount of space which could be devoted more profitably to more substantial crops. A vegetable gardening app lets users create customized vegetable garden plans based on their local climate, desired crops and rotations within the garden. The software can provide details for more than 80 fruits and vegetables, 29 herbs and 13 cover crops. The crops all are coded with space requirements, so once a crop is placed into a plan, the vegetable garden software will indicate how many will fit into the selected space –all this is beautifully organized right on the tablet or computer screen.


Free Vegetable Gardening App

Do you struggle to remember when to plant all your different vegetable and herbs? Don't remember if a frost will kill your vegetables or not? The Vegetable Planting Calendar app for your iPad will come to your rescue! This free vegetable gardening app covers over 90 vegetables and herbs. For each one you are told if it can handle a hard frost, can handle a light frost, can handle moderate summer heat, or can handle high summer heat. This free gardening app is a great way to plan out your vegetable garden and insure you aren't planting your vegetables too early or too late in the year.


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