Kitchen Garden Planner - Online Garden Design

Kitchen Garden Planner - Online Garden Design

Between picking the last of the fall harvest and planting your first seeds this spring, what’s a gardener to do? The answer comes not outside but online. Mother Earth News online Vegetable Garden Planner helps users create virtual customized kitchen garden plans based on their local climate, desired crops and rotations within the garden. Knowing the best times to plant each crop is one of the trickiest aspects of food gardening.


The kitchen garden planner first determines someone’s local average spring and fall frost date by matching that user’s zip code to data from the nearest of almost 5,000 weather stations in the United States and Canada.


How to Design a Kitchen Garden

The Grow Planner for iPad from Mother Earth News is a revolutionary, multi-functional garden planning tool for vegetables, fruits and herbs. It makes gardening easier by turning your iPad into digital graph paper on which you can sketch out your garden plans—plans you can take right out in the garden with you. With this online garden planner, you can design your garden online. Users then draw their garden layout and click to place the crops where they want to grow them. Once the crop is selected, the kitchen garden planner indicates when to sow seeds (indoors or out) or set out transplants, and gardeners can opt to receive e-mail reminders every two weeks listing which crops it’s time to plant. The remarkable Grow Planner is just as much fun as garden design software and is truly going to make kitchen gardening much simpler for both beginners and experienced gardeners. Plus, it’s fun to see your garden plan beautifully organized right on your computer screen — with NO weeds!


The online kitchen garden planner includes details for more than 80 fruits and vegetables, 29 herbs and 13 cover crops. The crops all are coded with space requirements, so once a crop is placed into a plan, the vegetable garden software will show how many will fit into the selected space. Gardeners also can use the software for succession sowings and crop rotations. To make crop rotations easy, plants are color-coded by their botanical family, and the kitchen garden planner keeps track of the plants’ location in the garden. When the user works on the next year’s garden layout, the planner will automatically look at the previous year’s plan and warn if the user tries to deviate from standard rotation practices.


Design Your Garden Online

Markers for garden rows, stakes for planting supports, tomato poles, and all the other small accessories needed for garden layout, should be purchased during the cold weather. When the garden rush is on, there is little time for making these supplies, and one is glad enough to have them ready. The year for garden work really has no beginning and no end, but by utilizing kitchen garden software and online vegetable garden planners you can easily grow fresh, homegrown, organic vegetables in your backyard garden. Design a fabulous kitchen garden - vegetable, herb or fruit garden, on your iPad or iPhone with Garden Plan Pro – Your Garden in Your Hands. From the designers of the most successful online garden website, Garden Planner with over 350,000 users, Garden Plan Pro combines expert plant knowledge with simple-to use tools.


Old Farmer's Almanac Garden Planner

Plan your perfect vegetable, herb and fruit garden on your iPad or iPhone with The Old Farmer's Almanac Garden Planner is designed to create the perfect vegetable, herb and fruit garden on your iPad or iPhone. Key features of the kitchen garden planner include a flexible garden design that works with any shape of garden, raised beds, rows or containers. The vegetable garden software is programmed to add single vegetable, herb or fruit plants, rows, blocks or SFG squares to instantly distinguish how many plants fit; then it is easy to rearrange them until you get the perfect layout. With full growing information for over 190 plants with thousands of varieties from popular suppliers pre-loaded, successful crop rotation and plan succession is easily obtainable. By utilizing the database of thousands of weather stations, the Old Farmer's Almanac Garden Planner will recommend the best planting and harvesting dates for your area for a bountiful kitchen garden.


Vegetable Garden Planner App

Vegetable Garden Tracker App

Do you struggle to remember when to plant all your different vegetable and herbs? Don't remember if a frost will kill your vegetables or not? Before you even set foot in the yard, an app can help you figure out what to plant. Garden Tracker lets you size and plan your garden plots, plant your vegetables in up to 50x50 squares, and then track your garden’s progress, including days to harvest, days since watered, and days since last fertilized. Garden Tracker will keep track of and remind you when to water and fertilize. All this info is conveniently referenced in a grid you design.


Free Software Reviews for Garden Design

In planning your own garden, there are several ways to use your computer or iPad. Not all people have enough horticultural expertise to choose plants and arrange them for best results, but with free garden design software, you can try out this option. You can also design your own garden online with a free garden planner. You can define both climate and soil conditions beforehand, so that the best plants could be recommended by the site, and you can get a visualization for all four seasons. Final visualization can be saved, shared with other users or printed. For an even better experience, there is free downloads of 3D landscape and garden software to help you reach the next level in garden planning.


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