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Greenhouse Windows





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Your gardening needn’t end with the first frost. With greenhouse windows, you can grow flowers, herbs and other plants outside your window all year round. You can shelter plants from winter—and continue to enjoy them in a variety of ways, from the simple window bubble that gives them full advantage of outdoor sun and indoor heat to a custom-fitted kitchen garden window. Garden windows are the highpoint of indoor gardening and the ultimate tool of window gardeners.


garden windowsThe window greenhouse enables them to grow a greater variety of plants, year-round. Moreover, a garden window can be a great enhancement to a room as it provides cover when views are not the finest. A greenhouse window adds three dimensional interests to a wall as well as a pleasant vista of potted plants and flowers. Kitchens are the most popular spot, followed by family rooms and living rooms. You may not want a full-size outdoor greenhouse, but it is nice to have a garden spot that can be tended, watered and enjoyed right in the comfort of your own home—year-round. There is an inherent attractiveness of greenhouse windows and they are very appealing when filled with flowers and other plants.


Kitchen Garden Windows

Window Box Gardening Window Box Flowers
Window Box Gardening Window Box Flowers
Window Box Ideas Garden Windows
Window Box Ideas Garden Windows


Kitchen windows are especially adapted for carrying out this arrangement although can also be carried out on a smaller scale in any window. Garden windows for kitchen will visually expand your kitchen size and add a three dimensional interest to your cabinet and cooking area as well as a charming scene of blooming flowers and plants. Anyone with a love of both cooking and fresh herbs should consider kitchen garden windows. Once you have a kitchen window greenhouse and are able to grow your own fresh herbs throughout the year, it will become a necessity of your life and you will be surprised at the interest you take in every plant within it.


Garden Windows Sizes

Greenhouse windows are usually found in new houses and condos where builders can plan for them before construction because they are easier to install when an opening is pre-designed for them. Nevertheless, it is possible to fit an older home with a greenhouse window. The window greenhouse is a thing of far greater pretensions than the window box and an ambitious step towards its great progenitor, the conservatory. Garden windows can be custom designed to replace standard windows by companies who specialize in selling and installing window greenhouses. This is especially necessary with an old house that has off-size windows that may require remodeling to accommodate a garden window. Although it is possible to enlarge a too-small window opening, it is far easier to frame in a too-large opening in an older home. Installation time is usually a few hours, unless additional work needs to be done to enlarge or enclose the window opening.


Garden Windows Plants

No sun or morning sun is ideal for greenhouse windows. That means a north or east exposure. A south exposure is sometimes sufficient, depending on how much sun the spot gets daily, but a west exposure can be ruinous to plants. Ask for help from a reputable nursery or garden store before selecting plants for your window, and be sure that air circulation is ample. For a north exposure, pothos, philodendron grape or English ivy, cacti, African violets and gloxinia are good selections for greenhouse window growing. Also ficus, spider plant and ferns will thrive. For an east exposure garden window, consider violets, lipstick plant, Swedish ivy and English ivy. Take note that most common plants would be too large for the growing space of greenhouse windows. Water plants at least once a week and follow accepted potting practices to insure success.


Garden Apps & Online Planners

It is important to have a well-considered design in planning your window garden, particularly because of the limited space. Before you begin, visit one of several virtual gardens websites with a online garden planner to design your garden window quickly, easily and online. You can customize nearly every step of the process, adding your own plants, photos, descriptions and dates. You can even keep a shopping list. With a garden app you can leave that heavy plant reference book on your desk and just bring along a lightweight iPhone with an app to identify plants, their ornamental characteristics, propagation tips, culture requirements, and suggested uses. In addition to each plant's physical description, there is also an expansion of details regarding hardiness, growth rate, diseases, and insects.


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