Fill a Christmas Hamper with Holiday Cakes

An attractive Christmas gift is a basket or box filled with homemade cakes and candies.

If,  according to the old nursery rhyme, little girls are made of sugar and spice  and everything nice, these ingredients are even more essential in the make-up  of Christmas cakes and puddings. Few gifts are simpler to make and give more  satisfaction when finished, or more pleasure when received, than a ribbon tied basket  of fresh Christmas holiday cakes. Family and friends will surely be warmed by a taste  of home-cooked sweets made from these holiday cake recipes. Two things only are necessary for success in making the  little fancy holiday cakes that rival those in the confectioner’s window.

When  looking for a great Christmas cake recipe, fruit cakes naturally will be your first thought for they continue to be the most popular Christmas cakes,  especially for gift giving. To have the fruit cake in time for the holidays, it  is best to prepare early, for fruit cake must be given an opportunity to permit  its flavors to blend and become mellow before it is eaten. There are several varieties  and flavors of fruit cakes to choose from starting with a basic fruit cake  recipe. A dark fruit cake would be made with molasses and there is also a white fruit cake or golden fruit cake.

When  something entirely new and novel for a Christmas gift is desired, the old British  custom may well be revived of sending on Christmas morning a seasonable  remembrance in the form of a dainty gift basket or Christmas hamper, neatly packed with an  array of holiday goodies, which is sure to be warmly appreciated by the  fortunate recipient. For sensible and satisfying gifts, there’s nothing more  appropriate than Christmas gift hampers filled with gourmet foods, exotic fruit, or a selection of wines with cheeses. They are in the  spirit of early Christmas giving — when preserves and candy, fruit cakes and  cookies, and a host of other good things to eat came from the kitchens of family  and friends to make the holidays happy.


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