Explaining the Victorian Era

Explore photos, games and videos about the Victorian era.

Find free learning resources from museums and libraries online to help explain the Victorian Era to children. Many feature video, virtual games and teacher worksheets in addition to lots of pictures. Here are a few places to get started:

Walk Through a Victorian House   Take an interactive journey back in time with The Geffrye Museum to when Victoria is Queen of England and view room by room of a Victorian house and learn about Victorian daily life.

The Victorian Servant   The life of a Victorian servant could be very hard, depending on the household in which they worked and the jobs they had to do. This learning journey focuses on the role of the Victorian Servant at Shibden Hall.

Tudors and Victorians: Dressing Up    Test your skills with a virtual game provided by the BBC.

Be a Victorian Millionaire Now!   This learning journey uses the life of Benjamin Gott as a model for entrepreneurial skill and understanding. Gott was a cloth buyer who became a manufacturer, and the development of his business is an example of the growth of the factory system.

Toys Of The Past   Excellent, image-rich site on toys for KS1. Includes interactives on describing, comparing and sorting toys plus old/new pairs game.

Children in Victorian Britain   Explore photos and videos of about the Victorian era in England.