Edwardian Motoring Fashions

The Edwardian lady had a chic wardrobe for motoring through town and countryside.

In the early days of motoring, fashions for women bore a striking resemblance to that worn by a hard-working machinist. There was no thought of beauty or style in its designing; but by the early 1900s the Edwardian motoring lady had many and varied coats, each one decidedly interesting from the fashion viewpoint. She had smart, chic-looking jackets made of the softest Danish kid and she had luxurious fur coats that appreciably diminished her bank account.    

vintage auto clothing

Woman and dog on seat of 1910 vintage automobile. [Library of Congress]

Fur coats were made of beautifully matched squirrel skins, Russian pony skins, or moleskin. Long, loose-fitting motor coats which suggested warmth and comfort in riding no matter how biting the wind, were made of squirrel skins in their natural color and finished with a deep collar, revers, and cuffs of fluffy white fox. The pony skin coats, which had almost as glossy an effect as satin, were very much in demand. Loose-fitting kid motor coats were also popular — the smartest were trimmed with strapped bands piped in a contrasting color. Black kid coats with piping in bright red were considered particularly attractive. See photos of vintage auto clothing including hats, hoods, muffs and other accessories. Read Full Article ››