How to Pass the Time Until Downton Abbey Arrives

What to do until you can join the Grantham's in season five of the hit period costume drama.

Do the names Lord Grantham, Lady Violet or Mr. Carson mean anything to you? Can you discuss in detail the love stories of the Grantham daughters? Do you miss the highs and lows, romance and drama played out by some of the most iconic characters on television? Then you are a fan of the Masterpiece Theater period costume drama, Downton Abbey, and like all fans, you are eagerly anticipating the arrival of season five. While viewers in Britain have the opportunity to join the Grantham’s on September 21st, fans in the U.S. are required to wait until January 2015. What to do until Downton Abbey arrives? Try a Downton Abbey puzzle (or two or three) to pass the time with friends and family, perhaps with a pot of tea.