Design Your Dream Garden

Virtual garden websites help you to design and view your dream garden online months before the warm weather arrives.

As the cold winter months shroud us, a fleeting image of velvety green lawns and colorful flower beds begin to enter the mind. Whether you envision a fragrant Victorian garden, an old-fashioned kitchen garden, or even a contemporary garden full of the latest annuals and perennials — you can spend these dreary wintry days planning a spectacular outdoor garden. And what fun it is to develop a small backyard garden, select the plant materials and do the planting. Today it is easy to turn your imaginings into a specific plan with the help of virtual garden websites. Web-based layout tools allow you to design and view your dream garden online, months before the warm weather arrives.

While housebound, you could explore garden reference books, and most of these will be interesting and make the principles plain, but another option is to try a garden or landscape app to plan your spring garden. Today, everyone with a smart phone is literally walking around with a miniature PC in their pocket; and with this application capability, the homeowner can take control over their garden landscape planning quickly and conveniently. Want to know the name of that blossoming tree in your neighbor’s yard but don’t want to ask? No need to run back in the house to search on your computer. Whether you are an aspiring landscape designer or a weekend gardener, there is a gardening app made for you.

Online Garden Planning Tool

There is a wealth of soothing satisfaction in learning how to plan a small backyard garden with harmonizing flower color, but the greater happiness comes when the garden is complete. Then the homeowner is richly rewarded for his sincere efforts to create a living landscape of his own. READ MORE